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tabsfitnessphar…acy.ru reviews 8

WHERE to start explaining this sleazy scumbags scam sites and the criminals you would be dealing with. This spam round includes 1000's of .ru domains claiming to be Canadian Pharmacies, Pharmacy Express or other scam names listed below.
Examples: carewelbizness.com, medicjumbo.ru.com, rxbuy-itfwkali.ru,
( a lot of these retard spammers claim they are a Canadian site but use a .ru domain?? Just STUPID! )

Lowlife scumbags spamming the world with FAKE pharmacies and fake addresses. Often using pictures of other peoples buildings with photoshopped Signs. They will SAY and DO ANYTHING to trick you into giving your money to them.
(When you get RIPPED OFF who can help you get your MONEY BACK??)

WHAT will YOU GET? Think about it. (credit card fraud and maybe identity theft)

EVEN IF you get something, do you think it would be the same medicine and dosage that you would get in North America? (Keep Dreaming!!)

DO YOUR OWN SEARCH on google.com like this for more info: Canadian Pharmacy +scam
(or put a different SCAM PHARMACY name in place of "Canadian Pharmacy")

FINAL ANALYSIS: A horrible scam spammed for years on many many 1000's of domains.

More info on similar scam Pharmacies here:

(Sometimes spammers change the spam brand, so you might see a different site. BUT its still spam and all spammers are scammers.)

Crime sponsoring Registrar = NAUNET (Russia)
Send complaints to dom-reg@naunet.ru with copy to response@cert-gib.ru

Beware of identity and credit card theft. The Russian crooks who run this are not pharmacists,
and have no problem issuing fake drugs, or combinations or quantities of meds that can be lethal.

Criminal evidence of fraud is prepared and available at

russian pill domains on

Médicaments contrefaits, illégaux et dangereux de spammeurs – Spammers counterfeit, dangerous and illegal meds.

tabsfitnesspharmacy.ru appears in Joe Wein blacklist on 2012-11-18

Canadian Health & Care Mall scam
Re: http://www.mywot.com/en/forum/8805-canadian-health-care-mall

This site claims to sell prescription medication from Canada. It is a scam. See the thread about this domain and other participating in this scam on the WOT forums here- http://www.mywot.com/en/forum/8805-canadian-health-care-mall

Safety Rating Breakdown


4 / 100

Child Safety

1 / 100