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Is underbuild.net safe? Reviews & Ratings

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underbuild.net reviews 6

listed on http://www.malwaredomains.com/

según http://mirror1.malwaredomains.com/

underbuild.net was listed at the malwaredomains.com site in September 2011
The type of malware was defined as botnet
You should keep clear of malware sites like this, as they can harm your computer or steal your financial information.

glassfern53Fri Jan 16 1970

I got to this site while typing in the words "Boomerang Transport" as I was looking for Boomerang Transport in Charlotte, NC. Boomerang Transport is supposed to be a medical transportation service that is hiring drivers however, they are not listed with the BBB, they do not have a public telephone number for customers to get in contact with them, and they are not incorporated or have a LLC in the State of north Carolina. I went through the "interview" process and was hired without them asking for any references from me and then I received a packet of paperwork to fill out which asked for my bank account number and my social security number… which I did not fill out. Too many red flags… I didn't know that "underbuild.net" was rated as poor. I gave it a "poor" rating because they were going to hire me without knowing who I am and I would have been transporting elderly and the sick. They did claim they were going to do a background check on me, but, when I did a background check on them I could find nothing that indicates they are a legitimate business.

Source of maleware http://www.malwaredomains.com


Safety Rating Breakdown


36 / 100

Child Safety

1 / 100