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This is GoDaddy's URL shortener service.
Steve TilsonThu Jan 15 1970 is The negative rating is obviously fraudulent and threatens the validity of WOT in it's entirety. WOT needs to ban the people giving obviously false ratings from using WOT.
As a Go Daddy employee, I know this is a completely safe product and is not a bad site, therefore I have given it my complete trust. I do still recommend that you have protective software on your computer, as users of may have their shortened links leading to malicious sites. Safety first!!! email: from: ivan ostojic <> to: "I just profited $329 in a week doing simple tasks! I got it from - Career Trends friends help friends!"
This Site is a reputable link shortening service and used extensively by reputable users.
This is GoDaddy's link shortening service. You can trust this site as you would "" and other benign link shortening services. You can use short link expanding services, such as to reveal the actual destinations of shortened links before you visit them. As with all link shortening services, this site can be used to obfuscate links to dangerous sites; however, this site itself is safe and is not intended for malicious use. The front page contains a prominent link to Report Abuse, and there is no solicitation for "Paid-To-Link" schemes which support fraudulent black hat search engine rank inflation schemes.
keith.edelbergThu Jan 15 1970
This is Go Daddy
How is this site unsafe? It is owned and operated by Go Daddy.
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