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Is youtube.com safe? Reviews & Ratings

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youtube.com reviews 5164

Youtube is very entertaining.

Good website, has a lot of entertainment. No viruses/malware and child risk is minimal. The only thing you should really be aware of is trolls and flaming comments (also spam from bots).

WOT МирSat Jan 17 1970

Ютуб – это много-много видео со всего мира и на все темы. Доверяю.

very good video website and not safe for kids!

Very entertaining.

good video site really entertaining

Violent or pornographic videos are deleted very quickly. No other video-site does it that fast. However there are many stupid and/or weird videos.
This site is owned by Google so don't expect any kind of privacy.

I know this is dangerous to post, but i'm 13 myself and i know all kinds of kids between 8 (!) and 13 who have access to youtube and never has there been a problem with un-child friendly videos. seriously, we all know there is mature content. Theres one thing about it: YOU WONT SEE IT AS LONG AS YOUR NOT LOOKING FOR IT! Only kids with serious problems are looking for porn on youtube. Think about that.

666_AntichristThu Jan 15 1970

user Date's are not safe.

I use youtube daily for alot of things!

Safety Rating Breakdown


Good siteOtherOpinions, religion, politicsSite for kids


92 / 100

Child Safety

87 / 100