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Is youtube.com safe? Reviews & Ratings

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youtube.com reviews 5134
UltimateMASSThu Jan 15 1970

Good site for viewing vids of all kinds, i come here when i am bored. But the videos are not all good with this rick rolled stuff which gets annoying after a while!


HekateIsisThu Jan 15 1970

I find youtube to be entertaining. I have watched a lot of vids that I didn't see when I was young. Lately, it has been buffering on some vids and slowing down a bit but overall I give it a A-

Nie dla dzieci. Not 4 child's.

Oft auch pornographische und gewaltverherrlichende Filme zu sehen. YouTube gehört jetzt auch inzwischen zu Google und die sammeln SEHR gerne Daten.

Matrixk550Thu Jan 15 1970

yes,its a good site but not for children…

Cyclone103Thu Jan 15 1970

A great site to upload videos to, they allow you to embed the streaming player in your own site, which saves tons of bandwidth. Make sure you know what video you are watching, and you will have a great time on Youtube. Very easy to spend hours and hours watching the comedic videos that you can find here.

Easy access to adult content not suitable for children

Very disappointed in the Viacom Google problems. I did not search out these sites, was not my interest, although I easily could have users should have been warned.

Aun con el control de edad para ver cierta clase videos, de igual manera es sencillo ver ciertos videos, de gran sensualidad y en algunos casos de pornografia, y probado que algunos niños o jovenes logran conseguir facilmente el acceso, ademas de que podria crear una cuenta falsa para poner que tengo mas de 18 y ya Listo, acceso completo… no les recomiendo que les den acceso a los niños a esta pagina… aun cuando se pueden encontrar cosas muy utilies, lo digo por experiencia, asimismo es un lugar muy negativo en la red…

Safety Rating Breakdown


Good siteOpinions, religion, politicsOther


92 / 100

Child Safety

87 / 100