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Online Shopping for Cheap Automotive, Phones Accessories, Computers Electronics, Fashion, Beauty Health, Home Garden, Toys Sports, Weddings Events from China; Shopping on Aliexpress |the world's Online Marketing place.

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Share your feedback about reviews 271
gustavomaliniFri Jan 16 1970

Rules like delivered in 60 days does not work.
be carefull


Great place to buy, when you're a smart buyer! ^^
Haters gonna hate but Buyers gonna keep Buying!
Just remember all Shopping website in every country has it's ups and downs. Which means website review place like these are a great place for people with a bad experience in any shopping website to vent and moan.
As for Fake comments with good reviews being post by Alibaba… Don't be PARANOID!
"Everyone who is posting positive comments about this site works for Alibaba / Aliexpress. Buyer beware. They're on a PR campaign to fix their crap reputation!!! "
=_= sounds like a over angry delusional person XD
Also to add they do not ask for any ID info. for people reading the negative fake reviews, when people are angry they are experts at lying.

There are Good sellers & Bad sellers.
Don't be a gullible fool! I have brought many items, had one mistake, I communicated and it was solved. As for sending back item with your own cost… well that's just common sense =_= Sellers don't wanna be cheated either. There are many bad buyer too. (think over seas = cost back over)
As for spam… well that quite impossible XD lol!!
Unless you sign up plus type in your email to get emails.

( just remember all the dangers of shopping online and don't moan when something goes wrong! Because there will be those times)
Communicate and solve!

Or just move on to another shopping site! =_=, the complainers are really annoying… *sigh*. "
& F.Y.I ordering one small post using 'free' has a chance of you small item getting LOST not sellers fault!


Warning summit to Deal with This Shop in Aliexpreses is Name ( Nana Tang )
Take care about this Fraud and deceive store !
This is Name: Nana Tang
High alert about this store !!
Store of Nana Tang are Scam & Fraud & Theft & Stolen Me, and Cheating,
Fool me !!!!
And High Alert About Aliexpress Team if U open Case U Will not get the rights despite the clarity of the evidence !!
I do not care about that When They realy waste my time with false promises !!
Cause when I deal with it she send my item in Nigeria in Africa not to my correct address in my Country in Asia !
When i alert her 10 time !
She just tell me wait to waste the time of the feedback !
I wait 70 days for nothing !!!
But i am really sad When i open case in this worst website aliexpress and Escalate Dispute the sleep team of Aliexpress Despite the clear evidence that the item is not come to me !!!
But Aliexpress Team In Case IS NOT DO ANYTHING and not Refund my money i have about 3 month with this case open .. and before 70 days i wait to item .. so it is about 5 Month !!! that i wate for my item or refund it is 45$ !!!
Nana Tang is The Real Dirty Person i Deal with Her with worst Aliexpress website if u open case maybe u will wait 1 Year for nothing !!!!
I tell her look my friend u waste my time u must resolve this problem not me !
And then she scare about leave feed back so she Procrastination with many And false promises !
And then she is not answer to me cause i can not give her bad feedback !
She think the feed back is important in aliexpreses but she forget This biggest web site resellerratings !! 🙂
This store in Ali
Nana Tang !!!!!!!!!
Eat The Lower Lower of My Right !!!!!
The Worst Deal With Famous Cheating Case web site is from Aliexpress
It is Horrible Deal, Maybe That is Why this web site Aliexpress Not Deal With PayPal ! 🙂


Buyer protection on this site is a complete joke. The Chinese have a lot to learn when it comes honesty!

AliExpress promises to answer disputes within 48 hours, but in reality you have to wait over a month for an automated response that takes sides with the seller.

I've been running a dispute for 6 months because of a non-delivered item and still nothing.

Sellers can extend the period the item has to arrive within by themselves.

Even if the item doesn't arrive at all, AliExpress doesn't force the seller to issue a refund like they advertise. They just keep promising you that the item will arrive soon until you forget you paid money for it.

Don't buy from this site! Stick to eBay and pay with PayPal because you can at least get your money back there.

encoremoi21258Fri Jan 16 1970

don't buy something on this website !

mangoepescaFri Jan 16 1970

Ho comprato diverse volte e mi sono trovato bene.

claudiohpoFri Jan 16 1970

Ótimo Site!! Produtos excelentes!!!

womenspassionSat Jan 17 1970

Просто супер! Я там постоянно закупаюсь!


Давно здесь покупаю. Ни разу не обманывали


very good website ,,, ,,,,,,,,


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