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The Blue Letter Bible: Bible study software with Greek and Hebrew word tools

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Excellent site for studying the Bible itself, with lots' of tools for finding passages, comparing versions, and even checking translation. It also has numerous commentary options, but I haven't really used those.
Great bible reading + commentaries
indiessanceThu Jan 15 1970
trustworthy, reliable, safe - online Bible + various study tools
Good site for Bible research.
monsterdogThu Jan 15 1970
Regardless of your religious beliefs, having the Bible in a handy searchable and trustworthy form is a good thing.
jackinator393Thu Jan 15 1970
love the site, trustworthy for sure. site very easy to use for all my bible study needs
Just an overall excellent site for bible study.
piter brosnanFri Jan 16 1970
I enjoy the BLB very much, I just wish you offered the NKJ Version. Thank you, and God Bless
Pam DiffeeFri Jan 16 1970
This is a very informative and handy site for bible study. I will use it exclusively from now on it has everything I could possibly want for Bible study.

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