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Book of Sex is the hottest adult dating site where you can experience sex dating, explore your sexuality and view erotic personals. Sex Dating is Fun!

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bookofsex.comreviews 8

This is more than just an adult site. It uses several domains which are merely cloned doorway pages which recommend using the email service, which in turn has 22 affiliates of sex-partner-finder sites such as FriendFinder.

The whole mess has backlinks to each other to present the false appearance of popularity – otherwise known as link-farming. This is not only bad for children, it's a large scale deception.

VanofEterniaFri Jan 16 1970

Banner partner -> ugly Sex-Popup
set tracing cookie for other Sex-Popups
My next popup was -.-
I was only on a talk and download-Forum.

Karen25xz63Fri Jan 16 1970

This site came up after I clicked on a link for a Ford Escort ZX2!


Ok, I can say that adult contain, but I'm a customer of this kind of site. Is with experience I can rate this site safe cause if you have many child have access the same computer than you, you can go in windows setting to protect your children access any place whit adult contain and maybe you do not familiar whit windows config, if that and you use that kind of "service" on this site and all other adultfriendfinder sites in support section, the friendfinder team explain how to protect child about and can help you whit all questions about by e-mail or livechat. Please all people, I know any say that kind of sites is bad by opinion and mentality, but by respect of human person, accept the difference and the diversity of people live here, I don't talk about understanding but only about social respect and don't say poor for ideas you have, please take judgement about social opinion and let be personal opinion on the side. thanks a lot! (^_^)


Adult Friend Finder related site
Content NOT for children



Adult content, contains sexually-explicit material. NOT for children. It is also known to be AdultFriendFinder's redirect to/spawned by/and owned by sites.




Leslie A Campbell JrSat Jan 17 1970

i have not yet opened this site


Safety Rating Breakdown


Adult content


14 / 100

Child Safety

7 / 100