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Something tells me that all these recent bad comments are a coordinated attack against CE. Either, they are a bunch of kids that got VAC-banned from an online game server for abusing CE or that it's somehow got to do with ""..I'm actually MORE suspicious of "" than CE itself. I've been a regular user of CE, never had any problems with it, and all the problems that I ever had, I had done it to myself. CE is a memory editing tool, thus, it's not unlikely that any regular antivirus would deem it as a threat because it has the "capability" to edit the memory, but everything from CE is done voluntarily from the user, nothing is automated without prior knowledge and consent. This is the official CE site.
HelloPeopleFri Jan 16 1970
Seriously?! You guys are flipping out because your scanner thought it picked up a Cheat engine is totally safe and awesome. If you download the file with the setup, it includes opencandy, which though not really a crap you don't want on your computer. The author TELLS YOU that it is there...he is not trying to deceive you. He also provides an alternate download (which I got) if you don't want it. Stop freaking out noobs.
The official site of Cheat Engine. Watch out for the downloads in the forum, but everything else is clean from viruses.
Listed on Try to avoid.
This site has been blacklisted by Refer:
Birgt die Gefahr einer Infizierung durch Viren/”driveby”downloads/Trojanern/backdoor bots/Schadprogramme !!!!!!Malicious Content!!!!!! Site carries the risk of infection with viruses/‘driveby’ downloads/Trojans/backdoor bots, rogue programs (PUP’s) Info:
goldstingerThu Jan 15 1970
For the people saying that it's a virus and what-not- Since the Cheat Engine contains drivers that are always running that were distributed by Windows. Most antiviruses detect it as a trojan rootkit since it is only detecting suspicious behavior. The best thing to do to avoid this is to simply stop it from scanning the drivers, or get the retarded idiot download that doesn't have the drivers. (Yes. That is what it is called.)
Вредоносный сайт / Malicious Site !!!
virusdetecter2849Thu Jan 15 1970
my norton internet security 2009 found viruses on site Threats detected: 2 Here you will find a complete list: Name of the threat: Backdoor.Rustock.B File name: c: \ program files \ cheat engine \ dbk32.sys Location: Name of the threat: Direct link to Backdoor.Rustock.B Location: Backdoor.Rustock.B is a back door Trojan horse that allows a compromised computer to be used as a covert proxy. It uses advanced rootkit techniques to hide any files and registry subkeys it creates. Also Known As: Spam-Mailbot.c [McAfee]
edilsoncaldasThu Jan 15 1970
Listed on MalwareDomains blacklist. Source:

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