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SUMMARRY: *warning*. This site is pure scam. YOU CANNOT REMOVE YOUR ACCOUNT using the "remove account" link under your profile's settings after you're in. The only choice provided is to *upgrade* to a paid subscripion; which in turn continues infinitely. The subscription is muddy to terminate, very difficult. And you can't be sure if your credit card bills stop. What you get after you log in? Lot messages from all over telling how nice to meet you. The senders don't even check your profile. you get messages even if you donät have photo! The only way to read messages is by UPGRADING to a paid subscription. Don't bother. All the messages are fakes; sent by imaginary people. the photos are all fakes. The company has hired lots of workers to send fake and nice messages to all newcomers to get them to subscribe. If there are some real messages, you can't really tell. The whole thing is just nicely packages scam. Btw, this company has opened several similar other sites that operate exactly the same way. All the foul pictures are the same. Like Simply. Stay away. And spread the word.
Porn site - NOT for children. Display, intel, tracking, or payment site supporting porn and brutality; advertised in spam email. Risks: tracking, spam, credit card fraud, identity theft. Do not provide any financial or personal data. is a porn site. NOT for children! Contains sexually-explicit material.

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