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Dr. Sherri Tenpenny is one of the most outspoken physicians in the country on the hazards of vaccines and vaccination.

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drtenpenny.comreviews 72

Very imformative, ethical, one of my favorite sites to stay informed.


Dr. Tenpenny is a great doctor and a reliable source of vaccine information. She promotes healing our bodies, not just medicating them.


Dr Tenpenny is a courageous individual, who provides scientific information about the dangers of vaccines and other medications … which are actually damaging people. It is the body that heals … from scrapes on up … and medications often just suppress the symptoms. Sure, it is hard to hear what she has to say, when you realize that you have bought in to a system that is not about health … and that we were made to live on this planet, without drugs or vaccines! Living vaccine-free is a very healthy choice … just not one that the medical establishment or big pharma want you to choose … do some research and always follow the money … you will be shocked and disappointed, but you will be informed. Dr. Tenpenny is providing important information.

jonnymidfordFri Jan 16 1970

This website is a source of information which provides reliable information for people to make an assessment of holistic health choices. Truth is not necessarily popular.

Mike JohnsonFri Jan 16 1970

Dr. Tenpenny's a humanitarian truth-teller. Unlike big pharma who just want you to be good little herd animals and take their toxic vaccines etc without question, without being properly informed of the risks, Dr. Tenpenny goes out of her way, at no small professional risk to herself, to give you the information you need to make the best decision you can about your health and your children's health.

klborton419Fri Jan 16 1970

Very informative. No problems here.


I highly recommend Dr Tenpenny and her website. One of my favorite websites. Here you will find honest passionate information about health and well-being. Great articles for those who seek answers. Informative books and DVD's for those needing to know more and those wanting to share.

divadivinitaFri Jan 16 1970

Internet as much as media had become the domain of power-wrestling leaders of finance and economy. Every individual coming close to effectively slimming the returns of their practice are subject to public demontage and ridicule. WOT seems to be such arm of power as long as it allows to cut truthful and righteous individuals or organizations like Dr. Tenpenny and her team.
Ratings can be a part of disinformation campaign, but there are people who recognize and curb such mischief. The website ranks highest as extraordinarily trustworthy, similarly excellent it is as a vendor, while the privacy is totally assured and children are nearly nowhere as safe as there.
To counter the malpractice in such critical areas as pharmaceutics and vaccination with best scientific research at hand cannot be paid by WOT misjudgment.
We encourage everyone to browse and interact with, and be part of the counter-revolution that saves our and our children's lives. Register swiftly, and vote this website out to where it belongs.
Thank you for reading this comment. ATCM


I just went through the site and found so many good points related to human health. So people must getting to know and score this site as safe!


You are free to disagree, but don't try to silence those disseminating information about the harms of vaccines. That is not what the WOT red dot should be about.


Safety Rating Breakdown


37 / 100

Child Safety

40 / 100