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The mission of the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) is to lead the Nation bringing the power of science to bear on drug abuse and addiction.

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Dudeman55556Thu Jan 15 1970
Although it contains mostly good information, some of the facts are disputed, and a few are blatant lies.
mreverydaythangThu Jan 15 1970
Some facts are skewed
Alot of false information on this site, Find a real site to get drug info.
Contains pseudo facts about marijuana
NøkkenbuerFri Jan 16 1970
A very credible source of information. Yes, some "facts" are a bit skewed, but remember that this is a *.gov site and until you can rid of government corruption, you can never avoid government misinformation. As for any potheads (no offense) speaking ill about this website, remember that what is stated about marijuana is still disputed and NOT PROVEN EITHER WAY. Therefore, that is an irrelevant point. Here are the FACTS about the common disputes about marijuana: - Marijuana causing brain cell death is INCONCLUSIVE. - Overdose due to marijuana IS POSSIBLE, however implausible. - Marijuana CAN CAUSE PERMANENT DAMAGE. - Marijuana has NO KNOWN MEDICINAL USES. - Marijuana CAN relax the human body. - Marijuana is NOT PROVEN to be safe to the human body. - Marijuana is a DRUG, not just a plant/weed. - Marijuana is a GATEWAY DRUG, but not due to exposure to marijuana, but due to the fact that marijuana is just as illegal as cocaine and morphine, thus sold right next to them. It's inevitable. Marijuana is an indirect and unintentional cause of other drug use, but it DOES NOT cause people to take harder drugs. - Marijuana is ADDICTIVE psychologically, but RARELY ADDICTIVE PHYSICALLY. - Marijuana CAN cause brain damage. - Marijuana CAN cause health problems. Look into things before you rant about them. This is WOT (Web of Trust), not WOO (Web of Opinions).
Propaganda; information distributed by the Federal Government, but is not academically accepted. The Federal government ranks Cannabis as a level 1 Narcotic; citing it has no medical value, when in fact the U.S. has a Federal Level Medicinal Marijuana Program with psychoactive cannabis grown & distributed by the government to select patients. This article also makes the mistake of associating correlation = causation; a poor thought process. It's all a farse.
Blusonic2321Sat Jan 17 1970
Nothing wrong with this site. All Good!
It generally is a good site- but make no mistake about it. The site is an advocacy site. One section that they blew is the steroid section. It repeats every myth, legend and lie ever told about them as facts.
It's a government site trying to keep drugs illegal, however it doesn't blatantly lie (mostly!!!). What I'm trying to say is that don't use this site as a source of information without confirming it with an unbiased third party.
manictigerSun Jan 18 1970
I usually find .gov domains to be very trustworthy and scientifically accurate, sometimes to the point of tedium, but this is just badly worded non-science. Drugs that can cause neurological problems: None, the wording sucks. Drugs that kill braincells: ayahuasca - No supporting evidence cocaine - Dose dependent DMT - No supporting evidence DXM - No supporting evidence GHB - Dose dependent heroin - Dose dependent inhalants - Yes ketamine - Dose dependent khat - Dose dependent kratom - No supporting evidence LSD - No supporting evidence marijuana - Weak supporting evidence MDMA - Weak supporting evidence mescaline (peyote) - No supporting evidence methamphetamine - Dose dependent PCP - Dose dependent prescription opioids - Dose dependent prescription sedatives - Category too broad prescription stimulants - Category too broad psilocybin - No supporting evidence Rohypnol® - Dose dependent salvia - No supporting evidence steroids - Category too broad synthetic cannabinoids - Category too broad synthetic cathinones - Category too broad tobacco/nicotine - Weak supporting evidence Oh, and they entirely missed alcohol, anti-psychotics and SSRIs. How convenient.

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