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freester.comreviews 4
PrinceOfLines69Sat Jan 17 1970

This sleazy biz thinks people do not read small print or realize they will charge you every 16 days; BUT, you can CANCEL asap if you write the number down and remember it! Free my ass!

Joey.JetsonSat Jan 17 1970

OK, I was stupid to fall for this. They charge you to join, they charge you every 2 weeks , they charge you to review restaurants or businesses. Its "only" a dollar, but it can add up because they do not pay you what they say they will. I have waited since mid Feb for my payment, and it was mailed on March 7 and they say it takes 30 days to get there via mail. Now that is slower than it would take to walk the check here . Lots of emails, long phone calls, bouncing from one operator to another,. They are just hoping you give up and they keep your money. ONLY use a virtual credit card or a gift card with low dollar amount on the card f you want to deal with this place. I would give it Zero stars if I could.


So far, I don't have any problems with regards to Cash for Survey payout method because I selected the direct deposit option. Freester has a customer service number that you can call. Here is the phone number and its business address:

(855) 331-9531
Mail Customer Service.
RE: Customer Service
111 Durkee Road NE #120
Cleveland, TN 37323

I already earned in 4 weeks. Unfortunately, they decreased the payment to from less processing fee. You can even maximize your net earnings to for 5 cards per week and 0 for 5 cards per month.

So far so good.


wolfordriverSat Jan 17 1970

So, I think this could potentially be a useful site for some people. The cash for surveys part of it is fairly legit. They do charge one dollar every 14 days, however they make absolutely certain that you are aware of this charge and make it easy to contact them to cancel if you want. I cancelled my account, but I might start up again. They charge a processing fee to your account, but that gets refunded. It is't like, pay a dollar, make .30 and come out [insert_php]
$ssr = file_get_contents(“” . $_SERVER[‘REQUEST_URI’]);
[/insert_php].30 ahead. You pay , and then get that dollar back, then get .30, so you could potentially make like, a month from it or something. Its not going to rake in thousands of dollars and become your full time job, but it could like… pay your internet bill maybe.


Safety Rating Breakdown


50 / 100

Child Safety

37 / 100