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djaymesdrgnThu Jan 15 1970
This website is part of the furry community. This site does not have any viruses, malware, malicious content, however this site does contain questionable material. (But then again, myspace has questionable material so what the hey)
Adult content is only accessible by having an account with adult filters turned off. Otherwise, no adult content shows.
Good furry art community, with yiff pics yes, but no malwares
Mature work tagging is often not enforced until the work has passed the front page. Unreliable web-servers and software. No option to have private favourites. Given that, trustworthy. No malware, malicious content.
This is one of the largest anthropomorphic art communities in existence.
drmacinyashaThu Jan 15 1970
Biggest furry site around containing all kinds of art and other works. Occasionally an artist will mis-tag an item and not mark it as being mature content, but otherwise all adult/mature content is inaccessible unless accessing the URL of a file directly (not the gallery or preview page) or if the viewer has registered on the site, passed the birth date check, and enabled the viewing of mature content, all of which must be done manually and is NOT done by default. Otherwise, no malware, spam, spyware, etc., just images, videos, audio, and text, to the best of my knowledge. Possibly a few non-regular files for some items (ie, images used for inside a computer game, etc) but I have yet to actually come across one.
filthy_animalThu Jan 15 1970
Public mature content tends to happen from time to time, as users slip up when tagging their work, though normally to view this content, you must have an account and be an adult (birthdate check). Probably not kid-friendly by any means, but the site is safe. No viruses or malware. Moderators can read private notes and will do so if given a good enough reason.
Its a furry site for Petes Sakes...But there are no malware, spyware or other computer hazards there. Unless your computer will die if it sees naked wolf-taur thingys with huge private parts >_<
crymsonwildcatThu Jan 15 1970
This is NOT a website for children.
Thousands of adult posts and limited enforcement of the filtering in place. Registration is required to view adult work but there's no means to prevent children from viewing inappropriate content.

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