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THEY ARE BOTS I looked far back and IF THERES A BAD REVIEW ITS A SCAM do not use this website ever unless your ok with desetroying your computer and getting nothing out of it
Information of site is legit. Not sure about the sites in their search. I need to use it more, but looks clean at first glance. Needs more research, but seems fine.
Фейк. Продвигающие вредоносное по и рекламу без какой либо магии как они там заявили. Обычные мошейники
Don't cheat in multiplayer games. But if you must, HackerBot ist the best place for legit cheats and mods that are clean and safe.
If you are looking for working cheats on Android mobile or iOS this site is much better than any search engine that will usually only show you stuff that will not work. Worked for me on PUBG mobile, free fire and brawl stars... Probably will work for other games too.
Good guides on how to hack games and cheat safely. Good for kids that do not know how game cheats work and need to be educated on how to do things correctly and safely. Not saying that kids should learn to cheat in games, but they will do what they will do and this is the right place to do it.
Is very truth. I want download game hack for marvel strike force and do not find working download, but hackerbot works good. I find way to download and install for android game mod app on my phone. I LIKE very nice app. very Greetings from India.
good videos and tutorials on game hacking.
good site for game hacks and information.
I used this pite to find mods for a game on BlueStacks android emulator. I downloaded a mod and at first the cheats were not available, but then I searched for the right build of the game and I downloaded a modded APK file for the current version of the game and installed the OBB correctly. Site works great, but dont expect to not have to put in any work. It takes some effort to get working game hacks and there is no short cut like simply tapping a button or downloading an app. Its more complex than that and HackerBot works great if you are willing to learn.
Is the good site for the video game hack. I need hack for PUBG on the android and I search on HackerBot, I find working mod for version on my phone. I like very much. Greetings from the India.
good site for video game hacks
Good site for mobile game hacks and cheats. No idea why people rate it so low. Only had good experiences with the site and the app. Safe site.
This website is against scamming and deceptions on mobile hacking.
Best site for mobile game cheats. No fakes here. True information. Unlimited money in mobile games does not work and they are honest about that. Real cheats are better than fake ones. Best game hacking site in 2020.
Reply from hackerbot.net2 years ago
Thank you for your feedback. We do make it a priority to help gamers find cheats from trusted, safe and proven sources. Glad you agree with our policies.
Reply from hackerbot.net2 years ago
Thanks :)
Legit site good for game mods and hacks downloads. "If thou doest well, shalt thou not be accepted? and if thou doest not well, sin lieth at the door. And unto thee shall be his desire, and thou shalt rule over him." Highly recommended for newbies. Not as useful for advanced cheaters.
Reply from hackerbot.net2 years ago
Quite true. Most people looking for game hacks are newbies, so that is who we are focusing on. :)
Best game cheating website in existence currently.
Reply from hackerbot.net2 years ago
There are many great ones, but thanks. :)
Good site for finding mods and hacks for mobile games. The information is legit.
Reply from hackerbot.net2 years ago
Thanks very much for your trust. :)
Cheating Software for download and good tutorials on how to use it.

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