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helpcomp.comreviews 5
user_lambdaFri Jan 16 1970

It's not Microsoft, but this website may want you to believe so. It uses the same help icon, the same colors for you to download a "free" software I don't trust. The name of the entreprise and the price only appear at the bottom of the website with these "trial limitations" : "The software is free to download, […] a license is required to use any utilities to make changes to your system. A single person license is .97 USD for 1-year subscription". No, it's not Microsoft. Microsoft wouldn't suggest to download a software to fix a Windows problem.
However, it was the first website suggested by Google when I searched how to fix a Windows update bug. Relevant content ? Not really, it's an ad. I stupidly clicked on it because the adress begins with "windows-update" and it says "(highly recommended)". Self proclaimed ?
Maybe it's a good software though, I don't know. I wouldn't download it when I know many make programs impossible to uninstall and I would trust Microsoft to fix a Windows bug. I wouldn't want my OS to crash.

Xandersoft_001Fri Jan 16 1970

The RegCure Pro don´t like to do that what it wants to do, or just work.

– don´t download Repair-tool.exe !

Diese Software macht nicht das was sie eigentlich tun sollte, am Ende fragt sie nur nach der E-Mail und sendet dort Spammails hin.

– ladet nicht die Repair-tool.exe herunter !


Just another domain used by


What they claim just can't work. 80010108H errors can have myriads of reasons. Furthermore, this looks like a possible trojan. Definitely don't run the exe, unless in a sandbox !


A program was slowing my machine down, so I searched the filename online. I found several genuine sites with good information and this site which asked me to download their software because "important operating system files" on my machine were "misconfigured, deleted or damaged".

There is no way they could possibly know that.


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