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This is yet another online streaming site that posts fake videos on youtube that point to their site. These sites mostly attempt to place a stealth charge on the unsuspecting mark's credit card by charging to cancel a "free" trial subscription or by automatically charging for a subscription. Very untrustworthy.
Pascal KottéSun Jan 18 1970
SCAM from
michellevoila69Sun Jan 18 1970
Beware!! I was browsing the net and came across this site for movies. It asked for card details promising your details would not be saved and if you cancelled, no issues. After viewing the site I cancelled immediately. But... Months later, they have fraudently taken over 200$! I am still in dispute stages. Normally I am very careful on the net, but they got me this time. There is another legit company named honkmedia who sadly for them are being inundated with queries and complaints.
hoodkristiSun Jan 18 1970
I had $39.95 taken out of my bank account this evening and reported it to my bank immediately. My bank informed me that had been charging me for months! I did not authorize this and have never heard of this fraudulent company!
Miért nem lehet leiratkozni? Már a regisztráció után megtettem, azóta is rendszeresen fosztogatják a kártyámat. Ez több mint POFÁTLANSÁG. Kénytelen leszek további lépéseket tenni. Fogják már fel,ha egyszer nem kell a szolgáltatásuk mi a francért erőszakoskodnak ? szakadjanak le rólam és a számlámról a!!!
I got notification of this site seems OK but wouldn't let you explore until you put in your card details that was the easy part but after you have and enter the site , it is a pile of steaming poo tried to cancel but phone numbers don't work you can remove your card from the information page have sent emails to cancel and in desperation have asked my bank for new card so when it arrives they can't take more than one months money ,Beware don't click on link but if you do do it at your own peril you have been warned !!!

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