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The one and only official kissanime site,the domain changed from ".to" to ".ru" after hacking.It provides HD anime episodes ASAP,has many anime series and movies and the video player is fast and practical.
pmaguire13Sun Jan 18 1970
This is the real kissanime site .to and .ru are the real sites (.to redirects to .ru) if you see .io you are on the wrong site, that is the one that is phishing and was the one that hacked this site, if you havent already, report that site here
Contains potential trojan virus websites
Perfectly safe website. The original's It with a new address (the old one's WAS hacked) This hosts file the website of a Huge number of the anime Shows. The website has a clean design, the video player is amazing and the videos buffer instantly.
Website is done for now. Malicious ads and pop ups. Reports of viruses. The user experience has gone to shit now. I suggest you use another website because Kissanime isn't trustworthy anymore. Soon to be dead. rip lol.
BurakIsBossSun Jan 18 1970
Full of malware, I don't see how websites don't want adblock on their sites while at the same time having virus ads.
CoolDudeKylePetersSun Jan 18 1970
I trust the website but lately, things have gotten ridiculous. The ads and pop ups are extremely bad, ranging from very sexual and explicit to just straight up shady malware riddled virus hell. The servers are terrible and the videos lag and buffer quite often. This makes watching videos a chore more than an enjoyable pass time. Things really need to change. I love this site, I do but you need to use Adblock to actually get the most out of the site, but even when using AdBlock the servers are still slow and unreliable. The ads slow the video down but even without them it;s still pretty bad. And no, I don't care if what anyone says when they cry about using adblocker on kiss anime. I know it doesn't support them and stops them from making money, but who cares they don't deserve to make money off stolen content. I love kissanime, but until they get their shit together I would recommend using AdBlock or just another site entirely.
chaosloaderSun Jan 18 1970
well the site is good to stream anime. the only thing that i hate about this website is the ads. they pop up time to time.
Отличный сайт, соглашусь с многомилл
FQrever.GamingSun Jan 18 1970
Good website to watch anime and with minimal pop up ads that redirected you to other websites.

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