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medpills777.comreviews 2

Yet another new domain spamming a fake/scam pharmacy sites
(look in the list below. If its not listed, then its another new pharmacy "brand" the scammers created to try avoid being labeled a criminal scam site.)

WHERE to start explaining these sleazy scam sites and the criminals you would be dealing with.

– To be clear, lots of them claim they are in Canada, or North America. But then have FAKE Canadian contact/who is info and often russian ".ru" nameservers?
– try look up the street addresses on google! (use google map and see parking lots where they claim their pharmacies are)
– or click the fake trust certificates at the bottom of the page. REAL CERTIFICATES will take you to the accrediting company to validate they are real.
These scam sites can't do that because they are FAKE!

They are Lowlife criminals spamming the world with FAKE pharmacies and fake addresses.

Think about it, what will you get? (credit card fraud? identity theft? sugar pills? )
EVEN IF you get something, think it would be the same medicine and dosage that you would get at a real licensed pharmacy in North America? (Good Luck . .)

DO YOUR OWN SEARCH on like this for more info: Canadian Pharmacy +scam
(or put a different SCAM PHARMACY name in place of "Canadian Pharmacy" and see the 1000's of people scammed by these criminals)

These scammers spam all these garbage brands (and are adding news all the time):–canadian-pharmacy-domains?new=13363

FINAL ANALYSIS: A horrible scam, spammed for years on many many 1000's of domains.
(sometimes the spammers change the content, but its still spam and still a scam site)


Rogue online pharmacy / herbal remedies
or article / "news" / promotional site.




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