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Online publishers for personal growth and spirituality teachers and authors.

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mindvalley.comreviews 18

This entire website is a scam. They spammed their junk around and tried to trick others into buying it. Nothing trustworthy at all about this operation.


If you accept their 2 month "free" subscription, they WILL NOT CANCEL UPON YOUR REQUEST. I emailed them FOUR TIMES and they still billed me. Stay away!!!


Member of the MindValley collective.

Don't provide your personal information, regardless of the actual value of the promoted philosophy. You can obtain this information elsewhere free without risk.

Published by MindValley LC which has an "F" (lowest) rating at the Better Business Bureau.

Cookie_MonsterThu Jan 15 1970

Malicious content.


My name is Grayson and I'm from the Mindvalley team.

I can assure you we're doing everything we can do improve and give users get the best experience possible. We hold program users in extremely high regard and base much of what we do around their satisfaction.

If it wasn't already clear, we value user confidentiality extremely highly and never spam. We like to keep the program's users aware of what is going on with discounts and special offers, but have many outlets for unsubscribing if they think the it's not for them.

We admit that we're not perfect, but we are looking to get better with every passing day. Thank you for your input!


if mindvalley are making such an effort to improve their customer relations why have i still not reveiced the promised email of the free sample and why have i received no responses to the 6 emails I have sent over the last 10 days. Completely ignoring customers does not instill any faith at all in the company.

Also hiding your company details behind whoisguard instills even more distrust.

very dubious company.


I have been going to this site for over a year. And though I have not bought a thing from them, I've followed their links, watched their videos and listened to audio files… I've checked into the people who work there, and have been very satisfied with all aspects of my interactions.

I feel the people at Mind Valley have given me so very much for free that I should send them a check to be fair. I've been following several of their top members on several different social media sites, YouTube, FaceBook, Twitter, etc. They have, literally, thousands of "Fans" which speaks volumes about their credibility.

A thought train… Last night I was talking with customer service at PayPal… The staff was extremely helpful and polite. They fixed my problem in about 5 minutes flat without making me hold the phone for an hour. My last question to my customer rep was, can I talk to your supervisor? She drew a breath…. wasn't I satisfied with my service?

I explained that I wanted to talk to her supervisor because the only time anyone ever wants to talk to someone's supervisor is when they are upset with the service. Most people, when satisfied, don't take the time to report good service, they hang up. I wanted to be sure that my customer rep was recognized in some way, however small. So I told her boss how awesome her deskside manners were. When is the last time you did this? Or, like most people, do you hang up?

I think this might be the sad case with Mind Valley's poor WOT rating, and I strongly urge anyone reading this note to give Mind Valley the benefit of the doubt, of which there should be none. Maybe WOT should allow for the accused to rebut, though I doubt anyone at Mind Valley would have the time or inclination to devote much energy to this negative fear mongering… which is what that WOT pop up is/does, it is meant to strike fear into the poor unsuspecting surfer, and keep them from accessing the 'dangerous' site.

Let's do a bit of math… There are only 4 comments on WOT about Mind Valley, FOUR… out of how many THOUSANDS of customers and members? Of these four comments, 1 says "great experience… ", so, realistically, 3 out of how many thousands of customers and members are dissatisfied… THREE! [I wish Microsoft could say the same, but I digress.]

The point is that if 3 dissatisfied customers can give a website, which helps thousands of people, a bad rating, that can negatively impact their business… and potentially hinder their ability to attract and help new people… there is something wrong with WOT that might borderline on slander.

Last thought… I will NEVER pay attention to these foolish WOT ratings again. I wish I could give a nickle to every website I didn't go to, because of their WOT rating… Now that I have seen a negative WOT rating on a site I have known and trusted for over a year, I have no faith or trust in WOT, and all the faith in the world on Mind Valley.

SO this post is giving the very poorest rating to the WOT website for poor business practices, for potentially damaging the earning power of innocent websites all over the net! This WOT website should be dismantled entirely and reconstructed to correctly reflect the magnitude of the ratings given. It's pretty quick easy work to rack up 75% poor comments rating when there are only four ever-loving comments! And WOTs faq says ratings can't be manipulated just because they make sure it's not the same person reposting, or that they check the comment history of each WOT user. Please!

Sincerely, sincerely, most sincerely,


They've evolved a lot over the years, moving away from direct-response internet marketing to be a true product creation and new media publishing house, working alongside Google and other reputable authors to pioneer ways forward. All their products feature 100% cashback guarantee which they always honor. They're prime examples of how the entire internet marketing industry should evolve towards.


MindValley has a lot of informative workshops and online help classes.
I have been given the opportunity to participate but never coerced to do so.
If your interested in self-help and learning how to work with your own mind and also train your own mind to be a competent friend and ally in your daily life, this is a very good resource.


I ordered a product from advertised at US$ 132.50 and was charged US$ 164. My attempts to contact customer service on the phone have been futile inspite calling within their advertised working hours. I note other dissatisfied customer reviews. I have emailed my complaint and asked for a refund. I will post again if my complaints have been resolved.


Safety Rating Breakdown


45 / 100

Child Safety

54 / 100