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mpaa.orgreviews 107
SomeoneStupidFri Jan 16 1970

Site filled with bull. Although this IS the real site, and there are no viruses, the MPAA is a very evil organization and are a spook to everyone. The MPAA and similar organizations ILLEGALLY use torrent trackers to catch people pirating software. THE MPAA AND OTHER COPYRIGHT F*CKERS are trying to enforce LARGER COPYRIGHT POLICIES on YOUTUBE. Apparently if you have used Rebecca Black's "Friday" more than 5 times on your videos, you're getting a date with the MPAA and Rebecca Black in the courthouse. The MPAA uses copyright in very unethical manners to the EXTREME. The MPAA has even helped support American imperialism (not anti-American) by co-operating with the ICE (AKA Racist pigs following SB1070, etc) and shut down Rojadirecta, a Spanish sport-streaming site hosted in SPAIN that was declared LEGAL by the SPANISH GOVERNMENT! Obviously, the MPAA and US Government had NO RIGHT to shut them down. (If you're wondering, Rojadirecta is now at By far, the MPAA is one of the worst enforcers of copyright the world has ever known (next to MediaDefender and some European organizations).


Anti-piracy lobbyists who use illegal methods to sue people who share files using P2P networks.

ViciouslyColdFri Jan 16 1970

First off BitTorrent is working with the RIAA and MPAA to catch pirates (uTorrent is owned by BitTorrent). Secondly I do agree with the MPAA and RIAA with their right to make money. However their not doing it in an ethical way. They aren't trying to catch people and make them pay for the music/movies they downloaded, their trying to make that and 100x more. If they made people only pay for the cost of the song/album/movie then I'd have no problem with it as long as they we're doing it in a legal and non sneaky way. But they don't, they want you to pay like 00 per song or movie and they have both gotten in trouble with the courts for illegal activity in attempts to catch pirates.


They want people to buy movies, and i agree with them on that. They want you to buy a DVD for your big screen and they want you to buy the movie again for your iPod. They want to make the money TWICE. This company is a bunch of greedy rich people.

HelloPeopleFri Jan 16 1970

This is crap! They try to make it so when you buy a dvd you are buying the plastic- not the information on it.


mpaa sucks

WhyWeProtestThu Jan 15 1970

Bad site

lobbying4everThu Jan 15 1970

DCMA restrictive rights on sharing music and videos. Ill still keep the patents thought

However, it really is a matter of opinion.


Whenever I see "MPAA", Beethoven's 5th plays in my head.

jamescook1989Thu Jan 15 1970

No one likes them, some one needs to go postal at their office.


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