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So there are 15 5 star reviews and 2 1 star reviews yet the aggregate is 2.4 stars intersting.
Don't belive the 1 stars. They are loons.
A good website. News, events, memes and other content from a conservative point of view.
Remember the good old days on the internet, before the HR lady censored everything? Yeah, it’s a bit like that. This site was setup as a haven to flee to when the inevitable ban was imposed on the r/the_donald subreddit on Reddit(a disinformation platform). The memes are spicy and irreverent if you’re woke. Primarily it’s a site for people who don’t hate our country but also don’t believe the obvious lies of the news media and the current administration. The site is great for memes & breaking news(or rumors), but is is a target for various disinformation campaigns and shill tactics meant to pollute the site with garbage. Users are encouraged to moderate the forum by deport all racist & other rule breaking content. This is a site for adults who don’t mind colorful language.
breaking news and relivent memes
Free speech community. Only meant for people who won't get their fee fees hurt and for those who love freedom.
Only reasons the rating are down is because people with political differences giving it a bad rating.
Just friendly pedes shitposting for the keks
Second best place on the web next to GA win.
A great community for patriotic memes, fun, and friends.
If you're a patriot, this is the place to be.
A non-stop MAGA Rally covering the latest events and news from a Patriot's perspective and the dankest memes.
Amazing site. No censorship, great memes.
I don't trust this site. I am Russian myself, but a rather long reading of the news and comments on this site more and more convinces me that the bulk of the users of this site are Russian, Hungarian, Polish and other foreign ultra-right trolls, but not Americans, because Americans are not can hate their country so much and love a foreign country like Russia so much, where you can be imprisoned if you burn an effigy of Putin on the street, or if you read the Russian constitution on the street, you will be immediately arrested by the police. If the ultra-right trolls want the United States to turn into a country like Russia, then let them leave the US they hate, and let them move to live in their beloved Russia, where their beloved Putin is rewriting the constitution to lengthen his term, and the presidential election is constantly fraudulent (and also they will still be very surprised when they will see how much illegal immigrants from Central Asia are in Russia, especially in Moscow). P.S. There is another funny coincidence that the comments on this site completely match the rhetoric of comments on Russian propaganda news sites, where people also believe in a global conspiracy, hate Blacks, Asians, Muslims and Jews, oppose vaccinations, and believe that Putin is trying to fight back against Soros and others world leaders, lol
This site is a source of political disinformation campaigns and is not a valid source of information. See: *****
Place for patriots to talk without censorship (and good memes)
I'm not conservative or right wing. I just enjoy this site for the memes.
This website isn't bad and haven't seen anything shocking, illegal or potentially illegal on there and I've been a user of this website for a year.
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