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China Electronics Wholesale Cell Phone,MP3 Players,MP4 Players,iPod Accessories,Bluetooth,Digital Photo Frames,Car Electronics, Mobile Phones

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proudsale.comreviews 2
NewestOldestPopular is a fraud. It's a fake web site that looks authentic. I got scammed out of 6 after placing two orders. Phone number is non existent. I do not know why this website has not been knocked out by government authorities.


Fraudulent electronics or high price items store in China.

Keep in mind that brand electronics are usually more expensive in China due to VAT. If you see low price brand items you will get scammed.

The way it works is:

1. You send the money (usually via Western Union)
2. You get informed there is problem (usually customs etc.)
3. Problem can be fixed for more money (another 10-20%)
4. After payment, there is yet another problem…

This will repeat until you realize that you got scammed.

Or for phones you get 'lookalikes' of iPhone or Nokia models of poor quality with far less functions.


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1 / 100

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8 / 100