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puregarciniacambogia.comreviews 22

Scrapping Website – Illegal, Stolen Trustmarks
– Site Using Fake or Fraudulent Trust Marks and Seals are key indicators of a Scam Site.
– Why trust a site that needs to Steal Trust Seals??? Where is the Trust coming from???
– Use these sites with caution, do not become their next victim.
– Fully read the "Warnings" and "Membership Terms and Conditions"
*-* Sites that do not subscribe to the Norton VeriSign, McAfee Secure, or other Trust/Secure services try to fool consumers/visitors by placing a stolen copy of the trustmark/seal on their website in order to give the appearance of "Trust" and "Security".
This practice is called “Scrapping.”
*~* Why would you trust a site that needs to knowingly Steal Trust Seals? Which of course sounds nothing like how a legitimate and reputable company would do business!

Illegal Trustmark – Fake/Forged (site uses a JPG): Link – search for site did not match any URLs:

Illegal FDA Trustmark – Fake/Forged (site uses a JPG):

Illegal VeriSign Certificates – Fake/Forged (site uses a JPG):

Illegal McAfee Secure Trustmark – Fake/Forged (site uses a JPG):

Illegal Verified by Visa Seal – Fake/Forged (site uses a JPG)

Illegal TRUSTe Privacy Seal – Fake/Forged (site uses a JPG):

Aaronlb1101Sat Jan 17 1970

The order was simple and smooth. And everything they promised I have received. I have been on Pure Garcinia Cambogia for about a month now, at first I was very skeptical because I have been on many other weight loss products that did not work. With Pure Garcinia Cambogia I have currently lost 12 pounds! 😀 This product really does work, and my goal was to loose 30 pounds and I'd say I am well on my way!


Great Product. Great Support. Great Facebook Community


The claims are not exactly true, you need to follow a proper diet and exercise to achieve optimum results. Why would you want to pay exhorberant amounts of money to purchase a product that is no better than lemmon water, or any citric fruit.(Eat oranges and grapefruits.) If you are promoting a product you better know how to spell what you are promoting specifically when dealing with health, it's not Hydrocitric Acid (HCA), it's Hydroxycitric acid (HCA). This is another one of those online business schemes with little value. The science behind it is not peer-reviewed.

JameswildeSat Jan 17 1970

This has been a great company to deal with and I have had good success with their product. Unlike a lot of people who are looking to lose a lot of weight, I am already quite fit and train up to 9 sessions a week. I have been doing this for years and had got my weight down to within 3-4kg of perfection… and hit a wall. No matter how much I exercised or how much I trimmed my diet I couldn't move the last few kg's. I saw the advert for pure garcinia cambogia on Facebook and it sounded promising. I have tried other diet pills/carb blockers etc. before without success, but this sounded like a simple plant extract so I thought I would give one bottle a go. The results astonished me. After 3 days I had lost 1 kg without any other change in my strict routine. 5 days in and I had lost another 1.5kg. I have now started my second month and have lost a total of 3.5kg. This is almost all I can lose… I might be able to drop another 0.5kg but its not necessary. I have now started two family members on this product and one friend. I should also say I have had no negative side effects at all.I will continue to use it.


I was pretty Skeptical, but helped curb my appetite & definitely feel a change in how my clothes fit!


I have been using this product for 1month plus, have not seen weight loss yet, but it definitely cuts your appitite to facilitate weight loss. Will continue to use it until I see results.


This product has changed my life! I am down to 210 and counting, All the way from 233. After taking for only 3 months! I am now on my second bottle, I recommend this to anyone who has struggled with weight. Thank you.

Bonnie TroinoSat Jan 17 1970

I love this company. When I am out the the garcinia gambodia I feel my metabolism go down and start to feel weak and hungry. I would do a free commercial for them….It has helped me lose 64 lbs since Jan of 2013. LOVE this….


To whom it may concern,
I have been on Carcinia Cambogia for 3 weeks now and the results are quite impressive. I am in my early forties with limited time to do cardio. I have lost 6 pounds and dropped a dress size or two. I am size 2 or 4. I have experienced no side effects of this supplement. I take as directed and use common sense with the foods I eat. Very pleased and will be ordering again.

Thank you for the development of this product.

Lisa, NJ


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ScamPrivacy risks


4 / 100

Child Safety

4 / 100