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Is safe? Reviews & Ratings is a site and a forum discussing about rootkits. no illegal activities. online since 1999

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rootkit resource

Sunshadow1986Thu Jan 15 1970

This is because they are aiding in the purpose of circulating malicious programs, why else?

plasmatasticThu Jan 15 1970

Confirmed malware site. (Verified by:

jflowers3329Thu Jan 15 1970

Does not distribute malware to users, but it is a repository of root kits and root kit development .

justinx222Thu Jan 15 1970

Hosting website of rootkits and other security threats.

A quality computer security website. It discusses computer insecurities. It does not try to fool or coerce you into installing malware, viruses, or rootkits.

It does, however try to educate and inform people more about the technology behind these types of problems.

Security research and discussion site.
Both downloads and uploads are restricted to registered members achieving required "levels" for access.

warm_fuzzy_feelingThu Jan 15 1970

Site for rootkit and security researchers. Harmless.
Please stop rating sites without proper knowledge and don't just copy the (wrong) ratings of others.

This site does NOT attack your PC, it only gives very deep information about how others are able to do so.

Offers rootkits for research.
You need to register to download so nothing bad is gonna happen unless you download and run the file you get.

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63 / 100

Child Safety

54 / 100