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Well i was looking for a driver online for more than 2 hours. finally realized my time is worth more than 15$ per hour and got the driver manager for 30$. problem solved. good site. clean download. Mental note to self: time is money.
maybe this service IS real and maybe the "driver updater DOES its job - i can't say anything to this... BUT, i can say that hiding a service that will cost you behind a (rather bad though) website that never tell you anything about those cost until you download AND install this program is anything but trustworthy in my book. i tried this only on a tablet which damn asus can't deliver any drivers for and will likely revert the newlly win 10 installation back to the 8.1 but i can only strongly suggest NOT to trust any of such programs to help you out where the blood producer of a hardware should held responsible to deliver this service and for free too... thats why my bad rating for this seemingly scam-ware from - make of it what you want...

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58 / 100

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59 / 100