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sourceforge.netreviews 530
danilomikeThu Jan 15 1970

muito bom

Dremor OrselfauxSat Jan 17 1970

Téléchargement d'un logiciel publicitaire intermédiaire au lieu du téléchargement demandé, sans l'accord des dévellopeurs du projet.


What was once a reliable site now bundles adware and very sketchy 3rd party software into its Open Source software


formerly a trustworthy site for distribution of open source software, it has lately taken to including adware/malware in some of its installers. Most programs are clean, but beware and carefully read all of the fine print when installing.

Yggdrasil42Sat Jan 17 1970

Since May 2015 the site, a place to host and share open source software projects, has been adding Adware installers to some popular projects' downloads, against the wishes of the project's maintainers.

Also, for many years the site has hosted Ads on their download pages that trick the visitor into downloading adware with 'Download Now' buttons. The site has not taken action against this misdirection.


Sourceforge is pushing many programs with crapware wrappers. While they've backed off if the practice of doing this to abandoned projects, this doesn't change the fact the any program (like Filezilla) that cooperates with them can infect a PC with crapware if a user is careless.

–Lowering my rating to rock bottom. Be wary of older positive reviews. Sourceforge is surviving on it's old good reputation. New management is taking them in a new direction.


/Edit: Since SourceForge have stopped this practice of co-packaging other unwanted software, I'm changing my rating to positive.

An old trusted friend has sold us down the river, that how I feel about SourceForge.

I tried using a Nokia program
and encountered the following bundled in the installer:

YouTube Accelerator
Shopper Pro
Swift Record
Apps Hat

While the user can opt out, no self respecting site would allow these programs near it's site as they are known for browser hijacking and no/ineffective installers. Many of these are flagged as malware in own right by VirusTotal and for good reason.

This change apparently came about as a result of change of ownership of SourceForge.

ParkerRenoSat Jan 17 1970

While previously a trustworthy site, the owners/ moderators are taking over projects (including projects like FireFox) and adding malware and unwanted programs to their installers. Avoid using this site as your source for programs and look for more reputable sources.


The website engages in unethical practices of hijacking developer projects and inserting malware into their distributions.


There are quite a few downloads here that have malicious code. They randomly place them. If it is, it's usually either JavaScript, ActiveX, or a packed executable.


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93 / 100

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93 / 100