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Accurately test your Internet connection speed with this powerful broadband speed test. Log and compare your bandwidth against millions of consumers.

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Frickin best site on the net!
I like their testing methods but like so many other speed tests it links to bullshit such as registry cleaners, pc speedup hogwash and the like. EDIT: Upon retesting the test couldn't complete at all. It got partially through it and kept dying. Maybe it would have completed and then shown ads for garbage like registry cleaners. Maybe not. Either way my patience was exhausted. Red.
Links to questionable sites. If you have a poor result it offers to take you to a site running malware to sort out your problems.
Poor result will give you advice to programs that will screw up your computer further.
Great tools for testing internet speed
Without a doubt the best broadband speed tests on the internet.
Some handy to use tools for checking PC speed.
a good alternative to
good speed test, normal download instead of flash based test so more accurate than most others test
excelente mi primera opción en test internet

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