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Alternative news for the alternative mind. Non mainstream news, commentary, headlies and truth for sheeple of in all walks of life.

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thedailysheeple.comreviews 6

Consists almost exclusively of angry rants directed towards various governments and media. The website offers no credible citations at all and often feebly attempts to discredit descriptions of events which have come to be common knowledge and can be backed up by proof. The website is full of questionable content and can not be relied upon as a source of reliable and trustworthy information.

outbackyakSat Jan 17 1970

Tinfoil hat alert! Every conspiracy theory known to man. Bizarre site which will leave you wishing you could wash your brain clean after reading it. Chemtrails; Illuminati; Protocols of Zion; Mind Control Microchips; 9/11 Troofers; Freemasonry – it's all there in all its braindead horror.

Also full of REALLY bad medical advice like "natural cures for cancer", "chemotherapy is a conspiracy of Big Pharma", and "vaccines are a conspiracy to depopulate the Earth".

The anti-vaccination ranting is particularly virulent, and they link to all the very worst anti-vax websites. The site is a danger to your health and your children's health.


On the lunatic fringe of conspiracy sites. This site is spreading fear, uncertainty and doubt about everything, from government to vaccines. Not to be taken seriously in the least.


This is a typical conspiracy theorist, pseudoscience-promoting website. I also don't exactly trust any source seriously using the word "Sheeple."


Do not mind the unhealthy minds who deem their own mental problems as a judgement of reality in those negative comments. This site looks clean, use at your own discretion.


This site is a source of gossip, rumour, innuendo, conspiracy theories, disinformation and opinion and, as such, is an unreliable source of news or information.
Their version of WordPress is currently out of date at this time as well.

Mostly untrustworthy.


Safety Rating Breakdown


Good siteOpinions, religion, politics


89 / 100

Child Safety

92 / 100