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thelibertybeacon.comreviews 10

For "alternative media", read "tinfoil hat brigade" or "lunatic fringe". Useless media site that doesn't let facts get in the way of a sensational story. Avoid.


This site, while using references to look all sciency and academic, suffers from cherry-picking only references and stories that support fringe beliefs such as the opinion that vaccines are unsafe. Vaccine adverse reactions do occur, are very rare and carefully monitored, but are far outweighed by immunity to serious diseases. Vaccine scare stories and low uptake rates lead to outbreaks such as the measles outbreak in Wales in 2013 that hospitalized numerous children and was the probably cause of death of one young adult. The reality of the disease means that immunization uptake in Wales has enormously increased. Giving undue weight to this site's side of the story could cause parents to leave their children unprotected and at risk of grave diseases and contribute to the risk of further outbreaks in their community.


This site is misleading in the extreme. They are dangerous to anybody who might not know the background to issues like MMR and Mr Wakefield (he is no longer a Doctor having been struck off for his outrageous behaviour). Stay away from this site if you want some truth.


vaccines don't cause autism….

outbackyakSat Jan 17 1970

This site would be entertaining if it wasn't so dangerous to public health and safety. It's conspiracy theory central.

OK, they don't go in for the schlock end of the CT spectrum – no shape-shifting, mind-controlling reptiloid overlords – but when you get posts like "We are one false flag away from genocidal internment of US citizens" or "Vaccines are one big experiment causing hundreds of diseases in the modern world" or "Is the CDC totally inept OR the Ultimate Killing Machine?" you know that there are crazies at the helm.

Health-wise, they have a particular hatred of vaccination. Oh sure, there are a few token articles about GMOs and Monsanto (no, they don't like either of them), but 95% of the Health section is just endless lies about vaccination. All the usual stuff pushed by nutters from the shallow end of the gene pool:

Bizarre conspiracy theories about depopulation programs, how all cancers are caused by vaccines (Seriously? Before vaccination cancer didn't exist?), the Vaccine Court has secretly paid out billions for vaccine-caused autism (um – no, no it hasn't: it's never paid a single cent for vaccine-caused autism because vaccines don't cause autism). On, and on, and on; bullshit followed by excrement followed by merde.

If there's a weird trope of the anti-vax lunatic fringe The Liberty Beacon repeats it, with added links to such sterling researchers as Mike Adams of Natural News, Gary Null, Sherri Tenpenny, and ( a site so infamous as the tinfoil hat capital of the net, that Scopie's Law states "in any discussion involving science or medicine, citing as a credible source loses you the argument immediately… and gets you laughed out of the room."

It repeats the most disgusting of all anti-vaccine lies: they claim that Shaken Baby Syndrome is caused by vaccines! No, damn you, you filthy lying scum! SBS is caused by child abusers who beat, shake, and torture defenceless infants, and your obscene lies are giving an out to criminals who deserve to rot in jail for their crimes

Just don't go there, OK? You'll thank me, really you will. And so will your children when you vaccinate them.

Richard.GreenSat Jan 17 1970

Paranoid conspiracy website, makes outrageously false claims about healthcare and medicine, racist

holdingmckeeFri Jan 16 1970

Nonsense. This website boasts dangerous false information that has the potential to damage the health of others.

WatchMan24Sat Jan 17 1970

Good information worth considering unless you only want good news or entertainment, do not believe that others wish to dominate, and that mankind is all good and does nothing to harm one another. This information is available elsewhere as well.

Seems there is a group of WOT users that I would call "shills" who are working hard to suppress it. Curiously, their comments do not sound like they are from "regular people" but "scientific elites" who want this information suppressed.

Nothing malicious about this site which is what WOT ratings are for and not a forum for those who simply don't like its content.


While the site is not mainstream media, I believe that is a plus. If all you want to hear is 'opinion' or 'information; from MSNBC or CNN then your time at this site, indeed your life and mind, are wasted.

As with any Internet information, accept it or don't, but you should at least open your mind to alternatives to the administration and mainstream monolog.

Many sites, like the CSPOA.ORG have been down rated by special interest groups like MDA simply because the CSPOA supports the entire US Constitution, not just the pieces that are politically popular at that moment.


Great site… information the Main Stream Media tries to hide from the Public.
Liberals HATE the truth. And unfortunately if the truth is continuously not reported, it will only bite them (all of us) in the ass down the road


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