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Although this application is illegal, this is only one factor of harm.

The code from the original popcorn time app has been documented to have been manipulated as to be able to take over a users computer, to the extent that it could potentially wipe the entire HDD or remove sensitive data without the user knowing.

Stay away, do not install or download!

Inferno986returnSat Jan 17 1970

I don't see the fuss. I have tried both of the forks of the original Popcorn Time, the one here and the one which seems to be down under the URL (

While I have no evidence that the client has hidden malware, the client much more smoothly than the other version with a better user interface and performance. It also offers TV shows and is working on an Android client. I think this is the definitive version.

The only issue is the fact that while Popcorn Time as a whole is technically legal (they checked 4 times), it's still streaming movies & TV shows without the studio's permission. That could be the only way you can bash this client and any others.

Another_random_accountSat Jan 17 1970

No reason what so ever for this site to be anything but green.

This wot plugin has way to many biased votes. I don't know why i still use it.

forget about virus, malware, trojans. this plug in reflects to much hate voting.

SamWilliamSat Jan 17 1970

The Developers of this site are relatively unknown people, but they are known for stealing source code and some others dangerous practices like a centralized server system.
There is a lot of warnings about this site coming from the real Popcorn Time developers(


This site and software promotes pirating/stealing property of others. The authors have no regard for what the consequences of promoting theft are, and seek only to get notoriety. Well, you can be sure that the entertainment industry will make life ever more difficult for the people involved in this crime ring, and perhaps, to protect their investments, raise the prices of their products. Ultimately, the legitmate consumer will be screwed by this gang of crooks.

MephistopelusSat Jan 17 1970

I haven't read their code, but I found this fork to be the worst in quality. Almost unusable on my Mac.


Urheberrecht: Popcorn Time und nicht legal

Zitat: "Für Abmahnanwälte sind Dienste wie oder Popcorn time eine wunderbare Möglichkeit, Geld zu verdienen. Die Nutzer der illegalen Dienste können durch die IP-Adresse herausgefunden werden, die Internetanbieter geben die Daten der Betroffenen auf Anforderung schnell heraus. Dann müssen nur noch die Abmahnungen verschickt werden. …"

weiter auf:

supergohan91Sat Jan 17 1970

This website doesn't do anything illegal and in no way will a user be in trouble by using it or the content sent to them. That being said the content itself is illegal but isn't in the possession of the website owners or at anytime is in the possession of any user.

Therefore both parties are safe from legal action.

Ethically, its kind of wrong but most people don't care


great site with great program just like netflix but free 😀


The real one is on : .

Ok it's a fork of popcorn time official but they only copy the beta version of that app. And they not only steal code from the official repo and doesn't bring anything new, they also replaced the app to an iframe opening this link "app.time4popcorn" on your computer.
By doing so they can execute anything they want on your computer, when they want it, they just have to change their site.

This completely break the torrent concept : any authority can track you down on that site and can even replacing it with a popcorn time backdoored.

Hope this answers the previous comments, if you want anything more you can check that link :


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