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Tribal Wars is a browserbased online game. Every player controls a small village, striving for power and glory.

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this online game is great fun and have no reservations bout it
This online game website is great fun, except for unsafe child content due to conversations that happen between interacting players. Some players can speak offensively or inappropriately to minors. Recommend ages above 15.
nice online game 2 play.
Its a good online game. It shows some history and its a lot of fun!
fefethecaoThu Jan 15 1970
Been playing this game for a year. Very entertaining. Some interactions online maybe be more appropriate for 14+
Great fun MMOG that I've played for years that just requires a browser to play. The general forums are moderated but the individual tribal forums are not well moderated and may occasionally be inappropriate for children.
mpeaple275Thu Jan 15 1970
very gd game i have been playin tribualwars for some time now never had a problem with it
not many adds, very nice atmosphere.
The online game is pretty fun. However, sometimes other players behave poorly which results in unsafe content for children.
rexfactor456Thu Jan 15 1970
This game is very good and addicting, has good features such as account sitting. People have said that child safety is good rather than exelent, true. I am an in-game forum moderator and in my tribes forums I make sure that language is appropriate. The only thing that gives this site the "good" rating for child safety is that premium points can be purchased by children without adult supervision, all they have to do is call a certain number and boom they have 10 Premium Points.

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