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A good community that's both helpful with getting Ubuntu working and for interesting discussion. Very child friendly too, the forum populace tend to be well-behaved and quite good-mannered.
mystikmitchThu Jan 15 1970
The Ubuntu community ( is part of "Ubuntu," ubuntu is a nice linux distribution. The Community is child safe yes; It is actually over moderated type of site. So one has to be careful of any last word. Or either you'll get warned or banned. Free speech should not be practised on the site to great extent. Otherwise the place not only is part of a great linux operating system distribution. But also a place where you can get occasional solid advice. Number of individuals on the site will go to great extent to help you. Privacy on such a site is difficult to judge. As it is meant to be a community exposure site. One should not expect anything more as it is run by Volunteers. I do enjoy the site but consider couple of those things. As much as I'm pro free speech this site is not based in my territory. So I can not expect it to abide by my wishes.
Ubuntu community fora, free for all, child friendly, registration required
A good community devoted to help with everything Ubuntu. This is the official support forum of Ubuntu.
helpful ubuntu community
Awesomest resource, like, ever!
Very nice and useful website. Informative, clear and fast. Also one of the best Linux Desktop OS
Extremly informative site!
One of the biggest communities on the web (i guess) :D I love it!
You can get answers for most - if not all - problems you may encounter with ubuntu and/or programs running on ubuntu. Childsave, the moderators keep the forum clean. Be sure to keep to the rules!

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