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Ultimate Keylogger is a software that monitors all activities on computer systems including applications, keyboard, passwords, clipboard, chat, email, and visited websites. It sends encrypted activity reports invisibly via Email, FTP or network. Free Download.

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ultimatekeylogger.comreviews 9

no spam , no scam , trustable

fire_flareThu Jan 15 1970

That's a nice one. Asking people to pay you to monitor their banking and private activities, Very Smart!!!


Malware-hosting domain

flyingpotatoFri Jan 16 1970

Warnung: Der Besuch dieser Seite könnte Ihren Rechner infizieren!
Diese Seite ist bei mehreren Reputationsdiensten großer Virenscanner-Hersteller als schädlich eingestuft.

Warning: Visiting this web site may harm your computer!
This site is in the reputation blacklist of some well-known AV vendors.


Malicious content.



Have a look at the following reports of,, they say its a virus and it is harmful:


Detection ratio: 4 / 39 Malware site
Analysis date: 2013-06-16

This link is suspicious. We tested it and found potential security risks. Be careful.

peterblaiseFri Jan 16 1970

I have used software from KRyLack and it seems okay, doing what it promises.

Regarding the negative reviews, to me, it makes sense that antivirus software vendors (Norton, McAfee, at al) would rate this vendor of keylogging software as poor because antimalware software vendor's job is to sell their own software that reports on "infections".

KRyLack does not sell infection-ware, they sell tools, specifically, keyloggers and password crackers, tools that are used only intentionally by their purchasers.

Anyone can also use KRyLack tools, and other vendor's tools, to spy, but KRyLack does not spy.

I note that those antivirus software vendors also have rated the Microsoft DOS/Windows FORMAT command, which comes with every version of Microsoft-style operating systems for 40+ years, as dangerous (because it is a tool that can erase a disc), as well as warning me about many other modern system utilities from Microsoft, so take their reports with a grain of salt, so to speak.

We might as well warn that Home Depot hardware stores or Walmart department stores are dangerous because they sell hammers and saws and nails and knives that can be used to hurt someone.

Thank you all below for sharing, but your reporting and repeating what antivirus programs say is not the purpose of WOT.

Has anyone reviewing here had a bad experience of KRyLack's web sites, products, or services?


Nether have I.


Safety Rating Breakdown


Malware or viruses


42 / 100

Child Safety

43 / 100