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upworthy.comreviews 20
100ProzentFruchtFri Jan 16 1970

Good site, unfortunately VERY insistent you register, with annoying popups all the bloody time

Alex.HuszaghSat Jan 17 1970

Absolute clickbait, but there's nothing dangerous about the site.


I specifically set up a honey pot email address and subscribed then "unsubscribed to their email". Even with a confirmation that I was "removed from their list", they continue to send that address click bait crap on a daily basis.

Don't give this site your email!

They claim to be "progressive and socially conscious" but in reality they are just like every other spam site looking for clicks and views by redirecting you to stuff they found elsewhere on the internet. Also some of the content they toss around is clearly unproven pseudo science and misleading.


Here is a NY times article explaining more about the site:

Klaus HeckSat Jan 17 1970

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Dieser Artikel ist natürlich für jugentliche ab 10 Jahren

Ken ParsonsSat Jan 17 1970

I guess most Conservative and reasonable minded people don't bother posting to WOT as sites which are obviously biased toward Liberal ideals without exception that I have found have "Green" WOT icons while any site that even leans toward Conservative ideals are lucky to get a yellow WOT icon and not red.

This site is click happy etc… that's one thing.
It is absolutely Liberal in its stories… if it weren't for Facebook posts I would never have run across this site. It is propaganda disguised, as usual, as bleeding heart baloney. Take it for what it is.


Very popular #social site that is the master of #clickbait


This site SEEMS to be 'safe' for one's computer, but that's where 'safety' ends. Definitely has extremely annoying popups every other click you make. Possible Phishing. Contains some content that is unsuitable for children ….and some adult views. Bottom line just BE CAREFUL.


Upworthy is OK but the headline grabbing and clickbait is too much for me. It is like the boy who cried wolf and I quickly tired of it.

Then although I SHOULD agree with it's slant that doesn't mean users should accept everything with an uncritical eye. I question what % of their material isn't accurate or staged.

I found the pressure to register and the social media pressure offensive. If you spend any time there at all it will quickly make you want to block it's main script.

I didn't like the blocky dumbed-down for mobile layout and(on my last visit) after scrolling through a couple of pages of I saw NOTHING that I wanted to click on- is the site getting worse? I just shut it off. Furthermore, sites with high social media integration that are mobile friendly are sure to be privacy/security slaughterhouses.

Also users should read it's (IMO terrible)privacy policy before doing anything. If you haven't already taken steps to protect your privacy or you don't understand such things your best bet is to stay away.

The bottom line is they occasionally have some good content on a site that TRIES TOO HARD.

JennicaLurainaSat Jan 17 1970

This site has tones of excellent and severely addicting stuff on it. Make sure that when you go here, you go prepared for a long UpWorthy Adventure, because you'll be stuck exploring for a while. Make sure your school work, chores, and homework are done! __ Also, view with Discernment of Spirits; just because it is on this site does not make it true. This is a place of opinions, exepriences, and exploration.


Safety Rating Breakdown


Good siteOpinions, religion, politics


93 / 100

Child Safety

91 / 100