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Blizzard Entertainment News and Information

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deathswalkThu Jan 15 1970

Blizzard has a great selection of good games.

darkworld260Thu Jan 15 1970

blizzard has stunned people for many years with its amazing games and still to this day it does that! GREAT SITE

Blizzard has a variety of games to offer and their all very fun I can say this from experience.

World renowned for very high quality videogameing experiences.

I do wish there was a little bit more moderation on there official forums. Childish posters can diminish the experience, and sometimes the IQ. But overall I'd rate it at a 9/10

For older children

spam my mailbox

Benedict VoonThu Jan 15 1970

I like Diablo games. So this site is my personal favourite.

unreal-xtxFri Jan 16 1970

Offizielle Seite von Blizzard. Ist auf jedenfall Virenfrei.

good website

Great Tech Support.

Safety Rating Breakdown


Good site


95 / 100

Child Safety

94 / 100