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This site will lock your browser and prevent you from closing the tab. You will be threatened to not close your browser. You will have to use task manager to close the browser and then reopen being careful to not reload this site otherwise you will get the same message.
morghannadSun Jan 18 1970
always has a script error that stops firefox in it's tracks and makes me have to shut it down from the control panel
Erwin RommelfanSun Jan 18 1970
Virus Total Detection Ratio: 4/66 +1 saying its Suspicious. Virus total Anti-virus engines: "CRDF" Detects this as a "Malicious site" "Dr.Web" Detects this as a "Malicious site" "Sucuri SiteCheck" Detects this as a "Malicious site" "Sangfor" Detects this as a "Malware site" "Malwarebytes hpHosts" Claims this as a "Suspicious site"
Kirsten1980Sun Jan 18 1970
When i wanted to see a movie, it opened a new browser page , with a popup asking to download something . It didn't let me close the browser page, so i forced closed through task manager. Be very careful when visiting this site.
Honest.NunSun Jan 18 1970
Would not recommend going to this site. The reviews are bad everywhere. I rate this site 5 nuns out of 10 nuns.
SimplyNotSureRUSun Jan 18 1970
This is a site that provides drive by malware/spamware access to your browser. Even clicking on this site results in multiple popups of extremely questionable dangerous sites. If you use this site you better have several levels of security.

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