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Mobile phones, SIMs, mobile broadband and 4G. Vodafone voted the UK’s ‘Best Network’. A great range of devices and plans, Pay as you go phones, and business services.

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During the several years I used Vodafone mobile services in the UK they repeatedly billed me incorrectly having initially sold me a online discount package that their billing system hadn't been programmed to handle. Trying to sort these issues out with their telephone customer service was a disaster and many letter were required. Then every year I would have to write again as their billing system discarded recurring corrections to my monthly bill.
Third party spammer that does not use double opt in permissions. Domain listed on several blacklists, including Spacequad AntiSpam Services.
Java script tracking and redirects via scripts, circumventing cookie management. To make sure you have javascript enabled for the tracking to work, the site has key components javascripted so forcing the user to enable javascript.
Vodafone willingness to switch off its own network in Egypt is just incredible. FREE SPEECH FOR ALL.
Absolutely horrible experience. My mum and I are on Vodafone in the UK and we get next to no signal most of the time, calls cut, texts will not send etc. Now on 02/09/2014, our vodafone account got hacked (Do not know how) And they changed the address (To some where in Belfast), email (Simply added a 7 to the end of the email) and contact phone number to their own. So we straight changed the password, and all the details to the correct details, and called 191 (Vodafone customer support for people using the Vodafone network only) and some Indian woman answered, and lied to us saying they cannot order anything with in the next 48 Hours. Well 1 Hour later, the hackers put 2 phone lines onto our account and now we are getting charged an extra £80 a month. So we called Vodafone again, and they said we will not get charged for this. So we went into the Vodafone Store to see what they recommend, and they said the Customer Support place for Vodafone is located in Egypt. And they ensured us that our account is now safe. A week later, we got an email saying our bill is available online. So we logged into the Vodafone account, and they have not removed the 2 phone numbers that we did not put on, and they are still charging us for it. A few days later (11/09/2014) they finally removed the 2 phone lines, but we could not access the bill, so we assumed they are now changing it so we pay for what we owe. Today (13/09/2014) we can finally access our vodafone bill, and they are still charging us for the phone numbers the hackers put on. So we went in to the store, they could not do anything about it, and they do not understand why Vodafone is doing this. So we made a complaint, saying why is this happening, and we will NOT be using Vodafone EVER again, and we are going to tell our family and friends to NEVER use it. So with in a few days we should be getting a phone call from them explaining what is going on. I would fully recommend not using Vodafone to avoid all this stress just cause vodafone is greedy and want extra money!!!!!!!!!! è di proprietà di Vodafone
brid3rdaveFri Jan 16 1970
I've also tried o2 and virgin networks as well as vodafone and by far and away I've got better coverage with vodafone.
Vodafone has gone from one of the best UK networks to one of the worst. Unfortunately they failed to keep up with other companies and haven't made enough investments in their network or customer services. I don't think they will last much longer.
rmbarber.snrSat Jan 17 1970
AVOID THIS BUNCH OF THIEVING LIARS !!! Please take my advice, never deal with this bunch of lying thieves. They seem to feel they can get away with taking money out of peoples bank accounts and not supplying the goods or services they are contracted to. They are the worst company I have ever dealt with and I rue the day two weeks ago I decided to change to their network. I ordered a sim via their web shop and was supplied with a reference. The confirmation page also suggested a confirmation email would be sent and the sim delivered within 2 - 5 days. It didnt arrive but they felt they should take the money out of my account. I used live chat to check where my order was only to be told the reference I was giving was a figment of my imagination, even though I had a screen shot of the confirmation and the mobile banking app I use showed a £15 payment taken by vodafone. Eventually it was suggested I should ring 03333048069 and speak to a support line adviser. This number hasnt got any option to speak to a human. The saga now goes on for a further two weeks and needless to say vodafone have stolen further payments from me (now totalling £40 at last count), refused to refund me without me using an '03' number for refunds, wasted at least 8 hours of my time in phone calls and web chats, refused to provide a NUC code to unlock the phone because I need to be on their network for a minimum of 30 days and refused to provide a pac code to return my mobile number. This has become the nightmare that never ends !!!!
Spacequad is shut down. It wasn't very worth :-) Comments about customer experiences have nothing to do with the website... try to be serious.

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