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VirtualBee provides highly reliable crowdsourcing by connecting enterprises and on-demand cloud labor via our advanced human technology platform.

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workers.virtualbee.comreviews 16
spvsujith22Fri Jan 16 1970

This site is not fake I had worked for this site last 1years and it is paying me 4times. They had given work very often but some times very less,but that not means it is fake.


This is a very real site. I've worked for them since 4/11 and have made over 0. This company never promised me a ton of money. The amount you make is reflective of the amount of time you work, your typing skills, availability of work, and typing speed. There was a waiting period of 2 months from the time I tested until notification that I was accepted. I'm not certain why somebody would think it's fake unless he/she did not receive acceptance notification.

The link provided by HansTheBullfrog is not even related to VirtualBee. It's regarding a site called "Home Cash Flow Solutions or Online Income Solution."

langley325Fri Jan 16 1970

I have worked for Virtual Bee (formerly Key for Cash) on and off since 2009. They are a real site and they do pay, but it can take a while to get a payout. As of right now they only do physical checks and it does take a couple weeks or more to get yours. You also have to have a certain amount of earnings on your account to be issued a check. Over the years they have raised that amount and dropped the keystroke earnings a little, but nothing major. Work can be sporadic at times and know that there's usually no work on weekends. I type fairly quickly and accurately and the most I make is a couple dollars an hour. Considering it's fairly low effort and can be done from the comfort of my couch, I'm really not complaining. This is best for spare cash.


fake news lead to work at home scam

HansTheBlueFrogFri Jan 16 1970

WARNING: This fake news site is one of numerous "work from home" scam sites. You would be well advised to stay far away from these crooks.

Learn more:


The site is good , I've done a lot of data entry at home on this site. It's doesn't pay very well at all, but it tells you what the payment amount will be , before you start keying. Also takes a long time to mail checks to you. The extra money has really come in handy for me. Generally make .30 per 1000 keystrokes , just fyi.

SuperHero58Fri Jan 16 1970

Work at home scams =

paulasrichFri Jan 16 1970

This work from home site never promised a ton of money a week and the rates they pay are listed before you start the work. The only drawback is they don't always have work. I average about 45 a month, which is enough to cover a bill or eat dinner out, but it's still money in my pocket and I do it while I'm watching tv or inbetween calls at work. It's a great site for a small supplemental income a month but don't expect to give up your day job.


Virtual Bee is in fact owned now by Lionbridge (NASDAQ listed outsourcing provider), a highly respected company used by respected vendors including Google Page Rank to seek work from home reviewers, assessors, translators and datacapturers.

For references to this see the following:

Finally refer to their own website. Copyright is indeed held by virtual solutions inc, and under their management link is actually a recent post announcing the takeover.

There is nothing wrong with this company or its jobs, unless you just don't like the work or you need more money than this job can pay.

gwynnemontgomerySat Jan 17 1970

This is not a scam site. I've been a member since they were Key For Cash. There are NO fees to join, though there can be a waiting period.

Work fluctuates throughout the year. Tax time in the U.S. tends to be busier.

It's NOT a full-time job, and they never promise to be. It's pocket change, extra fun money that you can earn while you're bored. If you're sitting on Facebook for hours at a time, why not make that time productive and make a bit of money.


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44 / 100

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19 / 100