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wristluxury.rureviews 4

Full of spam


spamming spammers hitting spamtraps


Passive DNS for


YET ANOTHER spamvertized Fake/replica Watch Site SPAMMED to me. Here comes a bad review!

Do you really think you will get a good watch? From spammers often using fake contact info/addresses?
(or ANY watch at all? Most likely you just get ripped off by this spammer)

Think before you order, WHERE can you complain or get help to get your money back?

Even IF you get something do YOU really think it will look like a real rolex and not a PIECE OF JUNK FAKE EVERYONE LAUGHS AT?

More info on the spammers garbage scam sites here:
Luxury Replicas –
Super Replicas –
Ultimate Replica –
Diamond Replicas –
One Replica –

(Sometimes spammers change the spam brand, so you might see a different site. BUT its still spam and all spammers are scammers.)


Internet Replica Scam:
Rogue/Fake, Phishing/Scamming, Fraudulent/Spamvertised.
Replica spam includes not only the ever-present watches but also shoes, purses, mobile phones, etc. They are completely illegal because of their unauthorized use of trademarks owned by other companies.
– Redirected through FAKE NEWS SITES.
– These scammers are only after your Identity and credit card information.
– Do not click on links found in spam e-mail messages or these websites.
– Do not become their next victim.
These fraudsters are also in the habit of registering lots of domains with identical site contents (or a redirection to a master site), which of course sounds nothing like how a legitimate and reputable company would do business.
Read more about these Phishing Replica Scams at Spamwiki.


Safety Rating Breakdown


4 / 100

Child Safety

3 / 100