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About how suitable it is for children. The site is generally safe but videos with erotic or gruesome content can slip through. It will take a short time before it get's reported by other users but children can get exposed during this moment.
На сайте очень много-много видео информации, разного содержания. Вы можете найти помощь или полезный совет, а можете натолкнуться на откровенный хлам. Это может быть и плохого качества видео или видео неполезного содержания. Отличить одно от другого способен только взрослый человек.
A website owned by Google. I trust Google with it. As a top tech company, Google is world renowned for trustable sites.
Super Videoportal welches sehr bekannt ist
Teilweise, nicht geeignete Videos.
Youtube simply love it people sharing awesome videos here.
If you are bored, this site is a good choice to have fun!)
I like it so much, excellent music!
YouTube is probably the best and mostly known media website in the world. This is the first reason why it cannot be safe and trusted, mostly for non-english users. YouTube is a unique platform for monetization and video blogging (or just getting known from bottom), offering many possibilities for companies or individuals, THESE FACTS make this video hosting completely unsafe. ***** shows annoying ADs to you, half of them are static banners from Google, other ones are ad videos - such content is cheap, not controlled by anyone in any way. You may find dangerous content inside hosted videos and POPULAR channels, including adult content,drugs, or just hidden ads/promotion of things you dont actually need. YouTube says to you - what you actually have to like, it makes impossible for you to correctly rate videos, because only opinion of masses become visible to those one, who just discovered the video or channel. Uncle Sam should thank YouTube - for being one of few places in the internet, where political protest moves appeared, and lead to casualties and wars (remember egypt, lybia, syrian rebel-terrorists with their lie contents regulary uploaded to various channels). Thank You with your propaganda! With all bad things, YouTube has better sides, like completely free hosting and access for your followers to watch your videos. If you are not an idiot.
So beliebt das bekannteste Video-on-demand System auch sein mag: Datenschutz- und Urheberrechtsproblematik wirft es insbesondere unter dem Aspekt jüngster Medienberichte allemal auf.
I'm revising this comment to better reflect what is going on. The negative aspects are mostly contained to the comments. BE CAREFUL CLICKING LINKS IN THE COMMENTS! Shady accounts fake "Read more" links to lead to shocking videos, among other things. I've heard reports that people linked malware, as well, but I haven't found such links myself. Beside the links, the most bothersome aspect will be the overwhelming spam. People are posting entire Harry Potter books in the comments. There is no limitation on length, so ASCII art is fair game.
Отличный сайт, я всегда ищу тут новое видео, если хочу что-та посмотреть или если хочу найти что-нибудь новое для своего сайта
Funny videos to entertain you, great!
thanks for sharing your experience
There is a large amount of language that could be deemed inappropriate. While not all the videos are inappropriate, there is no rating system in place for most channels and any children that are not allowed to watch content from (as a general rule) PG-13 to R should have certain channels approved to watch.
The new commenting system enabled linking to screamers, pornographic content and viruses so I'm leaving a bad review until that issue is fixed.
Be cautious letting your kids be on this site. There is some questionable content. There are some fun videos there though. Even one of my niece.
Now with google+ integration you can no longer trust the comment section. People have been posting links to virus' and pornography. YouTube is no longer child friendly.
YouTube needs to suck sucking and being horrible. It use to be super awesome but now nobody likes it
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