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These are examples of using the Mass rating tool's comment variable:


in Scorecard comments that directly place the domin (hostname or IP) into the URL of a reference source. It's always good to be able to give outside links to other sources that may offer some form of proof as to why you have rated a particular domain.

Google's SafeBrowsing Diagnostic's page - info

  • Hostname or IP report!domain

hpHosts database - visit

  • Hostname or IP report!domain

Malware Domain List (MDL) Reports - visit

  • Hostname report!domain&colsearch=All&quantity=50
  • IP report!domain&colsearch=All&quantity=50

MalwareURL Report - visit

  • Hostname Report!domain&match=0
  • IP Report!domain&match=0

RobTex Report - visit

  • Hostname Report!domain.html
  • IP Report!domain.html
  • Mixed list: hostname and IP!domain

OpenDNS - visit

  • Phishing site blocked!domain

DomainTools - visit

  • Whois lookup and Domain name search!domain

KnujOn - visit

  • Spamvertised domain report!domain.html

CleanMX - visit

  • Malware - Hostname Report!domain
  • Malware - IP report!domain
  • Phishing - Hostname report!domain
  • Phishing - IP report!domain

CentralOps - visit

  • Domain dossier - (no traceroute)!domain&dom_whois=true&dom_dns=true&net_whois=true&svc_scan=true

Yandex SafeBrowsing [Russian] = visit

  • Yandex site's security evaluation (similar to Google's Safebrowsing)
    see also: FAQ!domain!domain

MRT rating resources

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