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This is a handy little list of guidelines you might need to remember, just in case. (However, there are no official guidelines at the moment.)



These guidelines have been given official status, and are currently approved.

There are no current guidelines - feel free to use!


These guidelines are currently proposed, and may be discussed on the discussion page.

  • If the information is already adequately covered on the main website, do not copy it to the wiki, but link to the main website instead where appropriate.
  • Keep the wiki in English

Note to viewers

Please add Wiki guidelines whenever they are PROPOSED to the guidelines or PROMOTED to the list of official guidelines. If promoted, move from "Proposed" to "Official/Current"; if proposed, add to "Proposed".

Please, do use the talk page if you want to propose or promote an article (and, for the sake of Wiki talk page traditions, sign your posts with four tildes (~ ~ ~ ~) so that we know who suggested it.)