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Purpose of this page

The purpose of this site is to collect new ideas and group them. If they are just mentioned in the forum, they get lost after a while. The site is structured into the following sections

  • New ideas, which are basically all ideas that come in
  • Ideas liked by the community
  • Ideas that are disliked/dismissed by community or staff
  • Ideas that are considered for implementation by staff
  • Ideas that have been implemented


  • Discussion of ideas happens in the forum.
  • Ideas should be described in one short sentence. If a longer explanation is necessary, please post it in the forum and link to it.
  • If an idea is moved to another section, don't explain it inline. Just reference the forum discussion or add the reason to the wiki discussion page. This is to reduce clutter.

New and Pending Ideas

New ideas that are posted in the forum should be added here. Please add a short description and a link to the thread.

WOT Forum/Wiki/Homepage

Features you would like to see added to enhance the Homepage, Forum, Wiki, etc.

  • Add a more visible link to download the application with different language.
  • Add a new colour for websites where positive comments contradict ratings a lot. Such websites are often real treasures - especially when it comes to non mainstream news sites. They would be easier to find and promoted that way - rather than punished by shills.
  • User Board Folders: create/rename/edit {set public vs. private]/remove - an area to organize personal notes or to "move" PM's for archiving, maybe a MAX of 3 or 5 "folders"
  • Add Rhodium as a level above platinum at 25,000 possibly.
  • Full edit toolbar
  • Extension:VideoFlv
  • Recommend or prompt the new registered users to read the Wiki first
  • Show page numbers at the top of forum threads, (not only at the bottom).
  • Make the OP (Original Post) different on pages other than the first page (different color, background, border etc.) - Discussion
  • Add a "Remember thread" feature to the forum. Remembered threads should be visible on a new card on user page
  • Allow users to tag threads as useful interesting, remarkable,...
  • Color threads from the 3 different categories in different colors. (Purely cosmetic)
  • Add a languages field to the profile to encourage people stating the languages they speak
  • Add combined ratings as a further column to "My Ratings" tab to highlight differences between on rating and community ratings. Allow sorting for differences.
  • Add an icon to the "My ratings tab" which shows that I have also commented a site
  • Improve export by adding current community ratings to it as a further block
  • Move the "Delete Account" button elsewhere. It is easy to click it when you edit the profile
  • Improve layout of the forum for users with a small screen
  • Base user levels shown in forum only on forum post count. Don't use Bronze - Platinum. Discussion

WoT Addon/Scorecard/Rating

These are features you would like to see added to enhance the WOT Add-on and rating related things.

  • Mass Rating Tool - allow address-bar selection of Trustworthness, Vendor Reliability etc via ../massrate&T=30&V=60&P=10 etc
  • Mass Rating & Scorecard - allow single character selection from Category pull-down, eg Good Useful etc
  • Add a personal comment/note feature to the scorecard which is only visible to the writer
  • Some sort of option to change the add-on symbol from the circle to waring shapes.
  • Change where/how the icon is displayed/generated. e.g. status bar or systray. Reason: To save space especially on small netbooks
  • Increase/Decrease the number of comment votes a user has based on their "ranking/level". Some spammers/scammers downvote acceptable comments, and if there are more of them than good voters then perfectly good comments are being downvoted. For example, if 20 spammers downvote all the good comments on, and there are only a few good voters, then although the site's reputation doesn't suffer, the appearance of comments does. So, maybe for each level earned, a vote should be gained (bronze = 1, silver = 2, gold = 3 etc.)
  • A discreet yet distinctive separation between content and signature. - Discussion
  • Verified Owner - Discussion. This feature mark the owner of a website, after proceeding with its formal verification, marking the comments placed and preventing the raise of the category counters on its scorecard.
  • Integrate WOT ratings with OpenDNS filters.
  • Show number of raters, not only reliability on scorecard
  • Allow to agree/disagree with other comments with the mass rating tool. The idea behind this is that currently all mass rating comments can be easily downrated by one person
  • Make my own rating visible on the scorecard. Currently, when I open a scorecard, I do not see if I have rated and in which way.
  • Make the difference between ratings and comments really flashy. Currently, most users don't understand the difference. e.g. with different icons or different colors
  • Age comments: Ratings already age. Implement a similar thing for comments
  • Unshorten urls like those from tinyurl and show the rating of the "true" site
  • Limit the number of votes per day to [10/20/50/100/unlimited] depending on activity level. Discussion
  • When showing a warning about bad rating, don't load the page until the warning is dismissed.

Ideas that are liked

Ideas that have been approved by the community are moved here.

WOT Forum/Wiki/Homepage

  • Create versions of Wiki-Pages in other languages
  • Add a "Request rating of my site" link/button to forum with
a field for the url/domain
a big fat reminder to read the wiki before requesting to rate.
"has a privacy policy" checkbox
"is a shop and has ToS" checkbox
no "Please choose forum" dropdown
Other useful advice(?)

WoT Addon/Scorecard/Rating

Considered for implementation

Ideas that are considered for implementation by WoT staff are moved here.

WOT Forum/Wiki/Homepage

WoT Addon/Scorecard/Rating

Discarded ideas

Ideas that didn't make it.

WOT Forum/Wiki/Homepage

WoT Addon/Scorecard/Rating

  • Increase the necessary "minimum reliability threshold" before a site goes truly green or red.
  • Remove the agreement counters for comments. It still should be possible to agree or disagree, but the counters should be removed. Use the trustlevel for ratings instead. That way, when I click agree, the trust level could be taken into account and put as a length increase/decrease into the bar.
  • Enforce rookie users to write a comment when rating.
  • Add a possibility for shop owners to allow customers to vote/comment from the website without installing WoT. See here for reference

Implemented community ideas

WOT Forum/Wiki/Homepage