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I am Javelina, and have been a WOT community member since June 2010. More recently, I became somewhat active with English Wikipedia as FeralOink. I should be focusing on finding employment rather than correcting everyone on the internet, however.

If you need to leave me a message, please use my talk page. If a timely response is required, also post a reminder on my WOT user board. Thank you!

WOT Extension for Google Chrome browser

WOT blog post, Outcome of the public brainstorming session (23 March 2011):

Chrome browser with WOT extension

''A few weeks ago we asked you take part in brainstorming for developing WOT... An update that brings reputation icons to links on Facebook, Twitter and short URLs is currently in progress. Chrome users got the update yesterday and add-ons for Firefox, Safari, Opera will be updated after it's approved by the relevant browsers. IE follows later.''

The update appeared for me at approximately 22:30 G.M.T. on 22 March 2011.
-- Javelina 24 March 2011

CA reference

In light of recent events regarding DigiNotar B.V., I found this page about Certificate Authorities (via Wikipedia) useful for reference. It includes definitions and a chronology.

-- Javelina 23 September 2011