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A Browser Exploit, known as "browser hijacking" or a "drive-by download", is a form of Malware that takes advantage of a vulnerability in operating systems or software with the intent to alter your browser settings without your knowledge.

Symptoms of Browser Exploits and Browser Hijacking[edit]

Usually Browser Exploits don't harm your data or spread themselves through email, though hijacks make your computer vulnerable to other attacks:

  • Your homepage, search page or favorites have been altered
  • Internet settings have been changed
  • Access is blocked to certain functions or websites
  • Redirection of incorrectly typed URL prefixes (i.e. you type the wrong address or extension and you get redirected to a porn site)

Protecting your computer from Browser Exploits[edit]

Some ways to protect your browser and computer from Browser Exploits are:

  • Use a firewall to protect your computer from incoming attacks and programs that try to transmit data from your computer
  • Keep your software and hardware updated
  • Never accept files from someone you don't know
  • Don't open email attachments from unknown or unexpected sources
  • Use caution when downloading files
  • Scan downloaded software before executing
  • Disable ActiveX, Java and JavaScript objects if possible
  • Consult WOT's website reputation scorecard for more information on unknown sites


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