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Should there really be adverts on this page?

Wot a pay site? I DON'T THINK SO!

Why is it I'm seeing so many reviews with people writing that Wot is charging a fee now, monthly or otherwise? I have never been asked to pay a fee for Wot and WOT is a great site that needs people to know it's FREE!


I agree with above



Possible another point of discussion:

- it seems (to me) the amount of given (re)views (with at least one comment?) is more important, reliable then the quality probably of view. With other words, a WOT-viewer with more then 1.500 given (or more) reviews is more reliable then a WOT-viewer, with less then 1.500 given reviews. I'm not 100% complete sure about my -own- statement. So its probably a discussion worth? What counts more quality of reviews or quantity of reviews, what is the best mix? - the comments and this complete site is atm of writing this post, so seems it to me, more for only english understanding and reading surfers. However a lot of site's has their own language and with translating/ translated site's, the interpretation of words/frases could be very otherwise mented/intented for certain groups of visitors. Reviewers should be aware of the intentions of the makers, who are more volunteers, then quick-money-earners. This site is now only available for 2 languages. Instead of asking cash for their own reviews, it could be more wise to participate in translating this (WOT-)site to other languages??

With kind regards, A.G. Terpstra

p/s I'm a Dutch visitor, so probably my english isn't excactly what you think/expect it should be. My apologises for how I express myself in a not my own, native, language, ... .