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confidence indicator - pulled, too much info, maybe include in a "how to rate" area?
This may sound confusing but it's quite simple. If the WOT symbol is light green, that represents a good trust for that category, if there are 2 or 3 "people" darkened on the confidence indicator, then it's "agreed" this area of the website is "good." If you have a difference of opinion and feel that this category deserves a much lower rating, say poor for example, then rate the site – you are not expected to go along with the crowd and you have the option of including a comment if you would like to explain your difference of opinion.
create a page for Settings => Advanced
discuss the Ignore list offering examples
  • forum topic:
  • Sami's email reply

    The ignore list uses very simple pattern matching. It doesn't support IP address masks, but if you want to ignore the address range for example, you can add 10.0.0. to the ignore list. If the pattern ends with a dot, it will match anything starting with "10.0.0." (for example, it will match, but also Similarly, if the pattern starts with a dot, it will match everything that end with the pattern.

Ratings are not forever
Ratings in WOT degrade with time, as the rating gets "older" it's "value" decreases. Once the value reaches nil (zero) comments from trusted sources are automatically removed from the Scorecard. The reputation of the site remains until other ratings are given; whether they agree or disagree with the current reputation status.
  • yanked from Trusted Sources... no idea why this text was placed there.
Yanked from Trusted Sources page
These are other sources for obtaining lists of Spam / Phishing / Scam / Malware domains and IP's that are not automatically used with WOT internally. These are user contributions and should be investigated before using them.
Clean up Tools => other
The category is getting quite long. It's time to split off pages specific to categories and link them, possibly from the main index...
Cybersquatting versus Typosquatting
create an article for Cybersquatting referencing for resource and examples:
  • create Typosquatting article with differences between Typo and Cyber (domain) squatting