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WOT is #1 Finnish company, 5th overall at SIME awards!

SIME awards nominee

Web of Trust made a good showing at SIME Stockholm, and went home happy as the top Finnish company, and number Five overall, in the Rising Stars of the North. Starting with about 1,500 young, promising companies in the Nordics, the SIME jury narrowed it down to The Mighty 36.

At the gala awards on Thursday night in Stockholm, as an excited crowd held their collective breath (in between sips of champagne), the 36 nominee’s logos slowly disappeared from a large digital screen. Anticipation grew as only a few companies were left. The Finnish contingent, which included other nominees HammerKit and Muxlim, kept their fingers crossed as the WOT logo held its position as the only remaining Finnish company on the board. An audible groan escaped from the audience, when the WOT logo disappeared after reaching the 5th spot.

As expected, Spotify, the peer-to-peer music streaming service, took the top honors. Congratulations to them and to everyone who was nominated. WOT feels humbled to be numbered among so many innovative, bright companies. Keep your eye on all of them!

The SIME Awards were created in 1996 to honor excellence in online communication, business practice and technology; recognize the individuals and organizations responsible; and inspire the Scandinavian Internet industry to world-class performance.

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