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7 Tips for Keeping Your Email Safe

Whether it’s on our phones, tablets or desktops – we all can’t really function today without checking our emails on a regular basis. We work

Can Mac’s Get Viruses?

Mac users are often unsure as to whether or not their devices can get viruses. There are a lot of mixed messages about whether or not viruses pose a threat on Mac software and are often provided information regarding Mac ‘immunity’ to viruses.

7 Online Security Tips for Students 

  For many years, students have used the world wide web to help with their studies. All ages from high school to college spend time

WOT Phishing

How to Spot and Stop Phishing Attacks

What is meant by phishing attack? A phishing attack is a type of cyber security breach that is disguised within an email. The main goal

How Secure is Microsoft Edge?

Microsoft recently made the new Edge browser available for download. Version 80 of Microsoft’s Edge browser, now based on the Chromium source code, launched on